16 Ways to Eat Less!

Jun 15, 2010

16 Simple Ways to Eat Less and Curb Distracted Eating for Good

  1. Plate your main course in the kitchen
  2. Don't jump up to clear the dishes
  3. Use smaller plates and tall, skinny glasses
  4. Save wine for dessert
  5. Stop, look, and listen while you eat
  6. Divide the food on your plate
  7. Chew gum while baking
  8. Keep baby carrots nearby while cooking
  9. Serve your kids smaller portions
  10. Teach the kids to clear their own plates
  11. Don't miss meals
  12. De-stress by taking care of yourself
  13. Close the kitchen 2 hours before bedtime
  14. Keep snacks out of sight
  15. Brush your teeth after dinner
  16. Make TV a food-free activity

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