3 Reasons to Participate in Small Group Personal Training

Nov 07, 2013

Written by: Mark McCoy, North Carolina Personal Trainer, O2 Fitness Wake Forest

Today's Boot Camps, Weight Loss Camps, Seal Fit, Cross Fits, and all the other "Fits"  are all the rage.  Just why is that? What do they all have in common? Why are they so popular? Well there are a number of important reasons, but I'll just innumerate my top three.  I'm sure these will excite you to take a serious look at small group training at your O2 Fitness location!


I call this the WIIFM (WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?) list:

It's cost effective!

Training in a group as oppose to 1 on 1 sessions can save you a lot of money.  We all love to see percent off sale signs, don't we!

Team camaraderie, coupled with enhanced accountability

Now there is not just one person looking for you at the appointed hour, but many who will looking to give and receive support together through the challenges of the workout.

Group settings are just fun!

As exercise and fitness should be despite the challenges.

How does this information relate to what we offer at O2?

Well you will get all of the above with our program, except we keep the number of participants small to provide more attention to each members goals and needs. Some of the above mentioned programs and camps can begin to turn into assembly line camps with little attention to detail. That is not our style here at O2.

We want to provide personal attention in smaller group settings. This helps to ensure that those, who due to challenges within their resources, are still able to receive help in a very rewarding fashion. Plus, with the recent addition of our nutritionist, we can provide well rounded solutions to your overall fitness needs.

Contact us today to sample the program, get your feet wet then jump in. I promise it will be one of the best investments you could ever make for the betterment of your personal health and well being. Our team is pumped and ready help you!

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