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Feb 08, 2010

Unfortunately, kids today love to sit inside, play video games, chat online with their friends, and totally ignore the beautiful outdoors and exercise! Here are a couple tips to enjoy some quality time with the kids, but also make family time exciting and beneficial to your health, and your kid's health.

5 Easy Ways to Fit Family Fitness Into Your Lives

  1. Go to the park with your kids. Play frisbee, soccer, basketball, or anything that your family enjoys!
  2. Take a family hike. Start off with a short, flat trail and gradually increase length and difficulty over hikes and time.
  3. Go swimming. Swimming is a great way to get exercise while cooling off in the summer and enjoying games in the pool.
  4. Ride bikes around the neighborhood. Bike to the park and play a quick game of catch after dinner!
  5. Jump rope. Jumping rope can burn up to 800 calories per hour and is a great way to bring some music into family time! Play jump rope games to your kid's favorite songs!

Any other family fitness tips or ideas? Post them below!

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