Big "50" Fitness Challenge!

Apr 26, 2011

Written by: Chris Mitchell, GroupX instructor @ O2 Brennan and Falls)

Do with control and good form... No Rushing!

  • Warm up by jogging for a few minutes
  • 50 heel kickers (like jogging, but kick your heels up towards glutes)
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 50 high knees
  • 50 squats
  • 50 lunges each side (100 total)
  • *50 squat jumps (optional/or to add on later)
  • *50 split squat jumps (optional/or add on later: lunge, jump and switch legs to lunge on other side)
  • 50 push ups (modified option: on knees)
  • 50 triceps push ups (hands and elbows close to body, do push up with elbows pushing straight back)
  • 50  traditional sit ups (modified option: crunch)
  • 50 second elbow plank (mod. on knees)

If 50 is too much, lower the number...make it work for you.

Need more?  Do the * exercises above, then add on some other movements using the number 50!

*Squat jumps:
start in squat position, jump up reaching towards the ceiling, then land in squat position with arms/hands in front of you.  If you have knee issues, don't go as low with squats, if you have foot issues, don't jump as high, or just lift up onto your toes with no jump.

*Split Squat Jumps:
First Lunge (front knee in line with your ankle, back knee close to the floor) then jump and switch leg positions to lunge on the other side.  Modified options: 1. keep your lunge high, 2. alternate backward stepping lunges instead of jumping.

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