O2 Fitness Seaboard and Wilmington Locations Introduce CX30 Fitness Classes

Jul 11, 2011

Written by Doug Haan, General Manager @ O2 Fitness Seaboard

Who doesn’t want a new way to work their core? After all it is beach season! O2 Fitness Seaboard and Wilmington are proud to announce that we will be adding CX30 to its list of Group Exercise classes!!!

So what is CX30??

Based on cutting-edge scientific research, this program is the ultimate way to get a tight and toned core. With dynamic training that hones in on your abs, glutes, back, obliques and “slings” connecting the upper and lower body, this workout will leave you looking good and feeling strong.

Like all LES MILLS™ programs, CX30 classes will be refreshed every three months with new moves and new music.

What will CX30 do for you?
* Quick, efficient workout in 30 minutes
* Tough workout that challenges you mentally and physically
* Tightens and tones core muscles
* Improves functional strength for balance, mobility and injury prevention
* Understanding of how the core works and its importance to your physical health
* Motivates you to venture outside your comfort zone

A Typical CX30 Class:
Thirty minutes of Les Mills CX30™ is all you’ll need to give your core a challenging workout that features a mix of isolation exercises (like crunches or leg extensions) that target specific muscles and integrated moves that use two or more muscles groups together.

  • WARMUP: Connects you with your core muscles and teaches you how to engage these muscles.
  • CORE STRENGTH 1: Increases the challenge on your lower and upper abs, and begins activating your muscular slings.
  • STANDING STRENGTH 1: Trains your glutes, abs and sling muscles in standing, and improves your awareness of how these muscles function in daily activities.
  • STANDING STRENGTH 2: Increases the demands on your glutes, using squat and hip pulse moves.
  • CORE STRENGTH 2: Trains your obliques in three patterns of movement – laying twists, side hovers and mountain climbers in a plank position. This is “superset” core training.
  • CORE STRENGTH 3: Brings your focus to the back muscles to improve trunk extension.

Check our weekly GroupX schedule for class times!

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