Get Your Rest! 5 Tips to Help You Sleep Soundly

May 29, 2013

Written By: Zac Rose, Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Chatham

bruce-mars-583850-unsplashIn today’s fast paced world, we often forget just how important sleep is to our bodies. Our bodies need sleep to recharge from our daily activities, workouts and to allow our muscles to grow and adapt.

Without proper sleep, it is easy to over-train ourselves and bring our progress to a standstill.  You should aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night.

The following are some tips to help you improve your sleep.

5 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Turn off the cell phone.

With a cell phone nearby, you are much more likely to keep playing on your phone when you should be sleeping.

Get into a routine.

Going to bed at the same time will allow your body to keep a routine. This in turn will make falling asleep and waking easier as well.

Sleep in a dark, cool room.

Studies have shown sleeping with lights on disturbs your sleep. These same studies show that the optimal temperature for the room you are sleeping in is around 68 degrees.

Don’t watch TV right before bed.

Watching TV before bed will have your mind racing. If you can’t turn off your brain, then you won’t be able to sleep. Instead, try reading a book or magazine.

Don’t eat or drink a lot before bed.

Consuming large meals will sit on your stomach and make it hard to sleep. Consuming a lot of liquid means you will probably have to get in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Finally, since you will be asleep, your body won’t be able to use anything you eat, so you are more likely to store it as fat

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