4 Reasons Why H2O Keeps The Fat Away

Aug 26, 2010

Written by Frank Ancharski, General Manager @ O2 Fitness Cary

As incredible as it may seem, water is quite possible the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off! Many of us look for the quick fix…the quick answer to weight loss.  And though we know there is no ONE long term solution to weight loss, water is the secret ingredient to any weight management program.


Water suppresses the appetite naturally helping the body to metabolize stored fat.  It does so by making the kidney more efficient rather than utilizing the liver.  The liver then metabolizes less fat and more fat is stored in the body.

  1. Water also prevents fluid retention in the body.  When dehydrated, the body is likely to enter the survival mode and swollen hands, legs  & feet may result. It is ironic and important to understand that to get rid of water weight, we must drink more water!
  2. If you are overweight, water intake is even more important because the metabolism of an overweight person will be calling for more water to metabolize fat.  Without the water intake, fat loss becomes more difficult.
  3. Water assists with muscle tone & skin resiliency by supporting efficient muscle contraction and assisting cell health.
  4. Water is a great garbage truck as well because it helps to eliminate waste via the colon.  A water soluble colon assists in bowel function which is the best elimination system…when hydrated.

So how much is enough?  Experts differ on the exact calculation.  However, the general rule of thumb is eight, 8 oz glasses per day…plus an additional 8 oz glass for every 25 pounds of excess weight.  And as equally important, especially in our state’s climate, is to add additional water for those who are exercising outdoors.

So, for a person who wants to lose 25 pounds and exercises outside, how much water should they drink per day?

Answer:  10+ glasses of water EACH and every day!

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