Healthy Aging with Renew Physiotherapy

Oct 07, 2021

There’s a misconception that as we get older, we’re guaranteed to develop muscle atrophy, lose strength & mobility, gain fat, and experience more frequent aches and pains. These declines can often lead to muscle imbalances and poor movement patterns, which can in turn exacerbate any pre-existing conditions and symptoms. Thankfully the reality is that many of these age-related declines are not inevitable and there is a way to fight back against father time!

Research now suggests that these declines are more related to disuse of our neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems rather than age. A Renew physiotherapist, located within your local O2 Fitness Club, is here to help you reach your peak functional performance regardless of your age or skill level. Our physiotherapists can evaluate your movement patterns and muscle imbalances throughout the body, develop a customized plan of care to address these issues, and get you back to doing the activities you love.

Aging and the daily stressors that come with our jobs, being in school, taking care of family, etc. can present some challenges, but we need to flip the script on the question of if you can stay healthy and active and help you answer the question of how you can remain healthy and active year after year.

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