Heart Rate Training Made Simple

Jan 19, 2011

Written by Danielle Mudry, Raleigh Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Falls and 540

Ever wonder what heart rate training involves? Besides a heart rate monitor? Whether you're an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, you can benefit from heart rate training. There are different ways to measure your fitness level, but heart rate training is the best way to test your cardiovascular fitness.

Lets break it down to the simplest formula:

220 - your age = MHR (maximum heart rate)

MHR x 60% = warmup
MHR x 65% = recovery heart rate
MHR x 75% = endurance heart rate
MHR x 85%=  calorie burning
MHR x 92% = anaerobic

For calorie burning we stay in the 75-85% range, endurance training (slower pace, longer duration), and for interval training we move from the anaerobic zone to the endurance zone and back to the anaerobic zone. Questions? See one of our fitness experts for more help on finding your correct zone!

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