O2 Fitness Welcomes 2011!

Jan 03, 2011

Written by Chris Mitchell, GroupX Instructor, O2 Fitness Brennan and 540

Hello New Year!  The time is upon us and lots of New Year's resolutions are

hovering around out there.  As you plan your goals for the coming year, remember

to be realistic and specific with your goals and the tasks at hand to complete

them.  Keep your tasks simple and measurable, so you can see positivity and

improvement right away, and eventually achieve those goals!

As far as setting goals for fitness, if you are just starting an

exercise routine, ease into it, and consider seeing your physician for a full

physical.  If you are new to the gym or back after a long break, consider

talking with the personal trainers if you need some guidance, and if you're

taking a class, let your instructor know that you are new and any concerns

or issues you may have.  It's helpful and reassuring to have qualified and

experienced personal trainers and staff members looking out for you.  Also think about getting a partner to

exercise with you!  It helps to have a friend, family member, or work colleague

for motivation and support.

Here's what the American Heart Association has to say and it is so important:

"Being physically active for at least 30 minutes on five or more days each week

can help you not only look and feel better, but it can also help reduce your

risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Living a physically active

lifestyle has many benefits, and all of these benefits can begin with moderate

activity. This includes things like walking, biking – even housework and

gardening. And if you enjoy more vigorous activities, that's great too. The more

active you are, the more benefits you gain. The most important thing is to get

more active everyday. And it’s never too late to start."  Spread the word!

There is so much great information on their website: www.americanheart.org.

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