O2 Fitness Teaches You How to Shake Up Your Treadmill Routine

Feb 11, 2010

Written by: Rob Trevett, General Manager of O2 Fitness Falls

How many times have you said to yourself…”I really need to do some cardio but I hate the treadmill.  It’s so boring!”   If you have, you’re not alone.

Walking and running are still two of the best ways to keep your heart healthy.  With the advent of personalized televisions and iPod docking stations, treadmills have come a long way since the good old days of Jack LaLane.  No longer are we stuck watching the same, boring news station that the sweaty guy next to you picked….or worse yet, watching the same blank, uninteresting wall in front of us.  If you’re stuck in a rut, here are two sure fire ways to liven up your exercise routine:

  1. Plan your cardio time around your TV time.  Watch Oprah while you’re cruising along at a good walking pace.  Throw some heavier beats on your iPod and sprint away.  You’ll be amazed at how fast time will go when you’re distracted with something you love.
  1. Incorporate circuit training into your routine.  If you typically run/walk for 40 minutes at the same pace, change your speed and incline.  Incorporate a fitness band or ankle weights.  Variation is the KEY to motivation.

Here is a workout that ALWAYS works for me.

  1. 10 Minutes walking at a brisk pace to warm the muscles.
  2. 10 Minutes walking/running at your usual speed.
  3. Cut your speed in half, raise the incline and sidestep for 5 Minutes
  4. Drop the incline to 0 and sprint (or walk briskly) in 10 second intervals (5 seconds of rest in between each interval) Do this for 5 Minutes.
  5. Repeat #3 with opposite leg lead.
  6. 5 Minutes Cool down.

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