How to Stay Motivated this Holiday Season

Dec 03, 2018

Editor's Note: This post is authored by Ledina Esserman. Ledina is a fitness and health blogger who wants to help others live a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a balanced life. Her 9-5 job doesn’t get in the way of staying healthy and active. With long term accomplishments in mind, Ledina helps others stay positive and motivated during everyday stressors by setting small goals. Her @ledsgetfit account allows Ledina to capture her love for fitness and healthy eating by posting daily tips and workout videos to help make your long term accomplishments more reachable. Her advice? Make small goals so they become your routine. The more small goals you reach, the more drive you will have to take on your long term challenges.

We all have our ups and downs when it comes to motivation. If you have been wanting to start your fitness journey or get back on track and need that extra push to get you started, follow these steps to help you gain some motivation!

Remember WHY You Want To Do This

We all have days where we feel less motivated. Just know that you aren’t going through that feeling alone. What helps me most of the time is to reflect and remember why I want to do it. Why do I want to eat healthy and stay active? Why do I care to set this time out of my day? When I answer these questions I regain focus and control because I know that if I slack for too long, it will be harder for me to get back on track. Remember why you want to do it and a wave of motivation will start to rise.

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I am visually driven, so for me this works really well. Just like in a dream, the more details we have in our minds visually, the more realistic it feels. Have you ever woken up from a dream crying because you were crying in your dream? The mind is a very powerful tool. If you are lacking motivation, try to visualize yourself accomplishing whatever goal you have set. It will give you a great feeling of success. Try to also visualize, in detail, how you will feel if you don’t reach your goal because you felt lazy or unmotivated. You will start to feel down and a sense of regret. Use that feeling to motivate you!

Start Small

Goals that are a year ahead often times seem impossible. They seem far away. In a way they become overwhelming. Try to set small goals for yourself. The smaller the goals, the easier they are to achieve. The more small goals you achieve, the better you will feel. You will have so much motivation in you that those small goals you were hitting all of a sudden become habits. Habits are now your past goals. Been there done that! The best feeling is when your goals are part of your routine. Your life has a little more purpose and more positivity.

Find A Supportive Environment

Lastly, surround yourself in a supportive environment. We might feel like we have great control but once social psychology plays a role you would be surprised how quickly our habits can change. It’s very important to surround yourself in a positive environment that will support you and help you through your journey.


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