Making Kinesis Part of Your Personal Fitness Plan

Mar 21, 2013

Written by: Drew Schultz, NC Personal Trainer & Kinesis Instructor, O2 Fitness Falls/540

Kinesis is three-dimensional training, just like everyday life. The fitness industry has moved into this type of multi-bodypart, functional (real-life applicable) training and away from single plane weight machines in the past decade. While more commonplace on the west coast, Kinesis is accelerating its foothold here.

We've had a great winter of performance with our Kinesis participants! Dana and Martha just came back from several weeks of skiing, including black diamond and some double-diamond, as did Pat with better than ever performance.

Michael and Elisabeth just did the New Orleans Half-Marathon, and Elisabeth came in third in her division! Now we're gearing up for golf season.

What Can Kinesis Do For You?

People are discovering what Kinesis can do for them:


Real life movement, teaching proper body mechanics that removes or minimizes stress on the knees and lower back, by using the hips- the most powerful platform in the body.

Non-Impact Cardio

Kinesis is full body and constant movement, there is an increase in demand for oxygen- resulting in an increase in fat burn (30-50% more calories burned). One client found through his iPhone app that he burned 450 calories in his traditional weight lifting workouts - he burned 750 in a fifty minute Kinesis workout!


While you may find you have a certain level of balance, we all lose our proficiency in balance as we age. Improvement in balance is one of the first things people notice. Debi saw an improvement after two weeks. Its also been great prep for the skiiers, as we have progressed to even incorporating the bosu and foam balance beams!

Muscular Endurance

A non-bulk, quality movement workout with 1.5 minutes to 3 minutes per exercise.

Real Life Core

We never lay down and perform crunches during the course of our day. When you are rotating, chopping, or even holding a neutral spine with your body still, you will feel your midsection muscles much differently. You will be made more aware of just how involved these muscles are in movement.

Sports Specificity

We've talked about skiing; think about all of the sports that involve torso rotation, such as: golf, tennis and baseball.

You learn to safely rotate your spine/ribcage on an axis. You also learn how to produce force while stabilizing and transferring your weight- particularly well suited for golfers (Tiger Woods has his own personal Kinesis wall).

Different people have found that Kinesis has taken their level of fitness well beyond what it was previously. Whether a casual exerciser or someone looking to enhance their sports performance, Kinesis provides for you a new found level of results.

Contact Drew Schultz at the O2 Fitness Falls/540 club for available times.

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