Memorial Day Health and Fitness Tips

May 24, 2016
Originally published May 2016 and updated May 2019.

Like any great American holiday, Memorial Day weekend is no exception to the temptations of overindulging and falling off track. Luckily, our expert personal trainers put together a few creative tips on how to stay on track with your fitness goals while still fully enjoying your holiday weekend! Plus, check out some of our favorite healthy Memorial Day dishes to help you get inspired.

lucas-sankey-302618-unsplashStay Active

Memorial Day is a perfect holiday to get outdoors, not to mention the North Carolina and South Carolina landscapes are perfect for activities like paddle boarding, cycling, hiking, beach yoga and more. Pack your sneakers or bathing suit if you're traveling this weekend to sneak in some physical activity no matter where you are.

Grill Smarter

Instead of reaching for hot dogs and ribs, choose leaner alternative options like chicken and veggies. If you're firing up the grill, fatty fish is also a great option to throw on. Try this Grilled Salmon recipe to impress your friends and family and don't forget a side of vegetables! 

Limit Alcohol

Notice we didn’t say no adult beverages! Again, indulging is fine – good for the soul even. Pick one day of the weekend to enjoy an adult beverage. If you're planning on having more than one, keep it low-calorie by opting for flavored vodka with a splash of soda and lime juice or a light beer.  

Bring Your Own Food

Not the grill master this weekend? No worries! Bring a few healthy options of your own. Stop by a farmer's market to grab fresh produce, prepare a fruit salad, or bring a tub of almonds or trail mix. This serves two purposes – it’s polite and shows your willingness to contribute to the festivities AND it ensures you will have some healthy options!declan-rex-50338-unsplash

Limit the Sweetness

Not all marinades are created equal. Definitely check the sugar content AND serving sizes if you plan on using a pre-made, store-bought marinade. Better yet, make your own using healthy fruit juices and seasoning and smother your plate to your heart's content!

Encourage Small Portions

How many times have you heard that healthy eating mostly comes down to portion size? It's something you probably know but have trouble executing. Use simple math here! Instead of ½ pound burgers, go for ¼ pound, and instead of a 10 oz. steak go for an 8 oz cut. 

Don't Forget Water

This one is simple. Just stay hydrated. Especially if you're following our first tip! Not sure how much water it really takes to stay hydrated? Check out this Dehydration 101 post to find out exactly what it means to be dehydrated and to calculate your daily fluid recommendations.

Looking for more fitness tips? Schedule a free Program Design Session with a Personal Trainer at a club near you!

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