23 Healthy Goals to Set for 2023

Dec 26, 2022

So you want to make 2023 your healthiest year yet, how will you do it?

"Losing weight" or "starting a diet" is the oldest resolutions in the book (and honestly are a little boring.) Let's spice up your resolution by making a resolution that's a little different this year!

Whether you choose 1 or all 23, these resolutions have a clear, achievable goal to help you make this the best and the healthiest year yet - physically and mentally!

1. Follow a Solid Morning Routine.

Set a consistent alarm each morning that gives you time to get ready for the day calmly. Incorporate small acts that confirm that you're awake and ready to start the day, like fully making your bed, flossing and brushing your teeth, showering, and packing a healthy lunch.

2. Drink a Glass of Water When You Wake Up.

This is a great way to quickly rehydrate your body and get things moving. If you find it challenging to get in your daily water, this is also a great way to sneak in an extra cup! 

3. Run a Race.

There are tons of races you can sign up for! Marathons, 5k's, triathlons, spartan races, and more are happening worldwide all year long. Signing up for a race is a fun way to encourage exercise, interact with a different part of the fitness community, and maybe even get a free t-shirt!

4. Grow a Fruit, Vegetable, or Plant.

Gardening is a great hobby to try if you want to learn something new. Make this resolution extra health-focused by growing your favorite fruit or veggie to cook and eat later!

5. Don't Leave Unfolded Laundry.

No one likes spending hours of their weekend rewashing and folding clothes that could have been taken care of in a matter of minutes. You'll be surprised how this little switch can impact your mental health and motivation to complete more similar tasks.

6. Take a Yoga Class Once a Month.

Suppose you're not the best about remembering to stretch and practice mobility exercises. In that case, making time to participate in a yoga class could be a great way to tap into improving an area of your health that requires a little more attention!

7. Create a Shopping List and Stick to It.

We've all been a victim of tossing a few extra things in the grocery cart either because we're hungry or it just sounded good! Creating a shopping list to stick to is a great way to save money on unnecessary buys and keep you from overloading on unhealthy snacks that tempt you at the store.

8. Make a Monthly Playlist.

Making a monthly playlist is a fun way to take a mental break and explore some new music. Plus, you'll have a fun way to look back on 2022 this time next year!

9. Lift Weights at Least Twice a Week.

Challenge yourself to take the next step in your fitness journey and incorporate weight-lifting into your workout regime! Whether you're lifting 5lbs or 125lbs, this is an easy way to challenge yourself and switch up your usual workout regimen.

10. Make a Daily To-Do List.

To-Do lists help keep us organized and can help us structure our day for success. Taking time to focus on the tasks that have to be done that day can help us break them down into more manageable chunks. 

11. Follow a Skincare Routine.

Your skin is just as important as your muscles and your mind, so we need to take extra measures to protect and take care of it. Put on sunscreen daily to get your skincare routine started!

12. Try a New Healthy Recipe Each Week.

On top of improving your cooking skills, trying a new recipe each week allows you to try new cuisines and incorporate one more healthy meal into your diet.

13. No Electronics an Hour Before Bed.

We've all been guilty of scrolling through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram and staying up past when we wanted to be asleep. Take the hour before bed to keep off your screens to mentally unwind and fall asleep on schedule.

14. Drink 8+ Cups of Water Every Day.

Make this the year of hydration! This is an underrated way to keep yourself healthy in 2023, and the benefits will show in your skin, energy levels, and metabolism.

15. Master Perfect Form for a Squat.

Having good form is crucial to protecting your muscles and joints from injury. Whether you're perfecting your squats, pushups, or deadlifts, learning the perfect form will protect you, and consistent practice will keep you going in the gym!

16. Try Meatless Mondays.

Rather than committing to an impossible diet year-round, find success with this small dietary switch. It'll incorporate more vegetables into your diet each week and has tons of health benefits that accompany it!

17. Make Lunches at Home.

Making your lunches gives you more control and awareness of what you're eating. It's a great way to enjoy fresh and wholesome meals while saving some cash each week.

18. Eat Meals at The Table, Not on the Couch.

Eating meals at the table incorporates a little extra quality time and conversation with your family. You can use this as a new way to connect with loved ones, disconnect from screens, and keep your couch a little cleaner!

19. Learn How to Use a New Piece of Gym Equipment.

Have you been eyeballing a popular machine at the gym this year? Don't be shy and give it a try! Ask a personal trainer or employee how to properly set up and use the machine so you can start utilizing everything the gym has to offer!

20. Buy a New Fruit or Vegetable When You Go Grocery Shopping.

Have you ever noticed how many different fruits and vegetables there are at the grocery store? Get ready to be amazed!

21. Set a Firm Bed Time.

Does the stress from the day make it difficult for you to relax or fall asleep? Setting a firm, earlier bedtime gives your more time to relax and recover from the day to get a fresher, better start tomorrow!

22. Keep a Daily Gratitude List.

Incorporate some positive psychology into your daily routine by keeping a gratitude journal. Each day you write down one thing you're grateful for..., and that's it! This practice has been proven to lower stress and improve interpersonal relationships.

23. Meet Someone New Once a Month

Increase your social health by meeting someone new! Stop and introduce yourself to that person you see every week in cycle class or try to say something nice to a stranger and make their day.


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