RPM: A Group Fitness Class for Everyone

May 03, 2010

Written by Casey Johnson, Group Fitness Manager, O2 Fitness @ Fuquay Varina

RPM is one of the most popular NC group fitness classes offered at all the O2 Fitness Clubs’ locations.  Part of what makes it so popular is its ability to offer something for everyone…it’s non-impact, but still builds muscle strength and endurance, and burns a TON of calories.  But it’s biggest appeal?  It’s self-regulated by the rider so anyone can adjust his or her workout at any time during the class, and will suit even the least coordinated participant!

RPM is an indoor cycling workout that takes the rider through various challenges, such as hills, flat roads, mountain peaks, interval training and speed work.  The workout is set to very powerful music, and instructors are there to coach you through every turn of the wheel.  The workout is carefully crafted to offer periods of hard work, followed by appropriate recovery, so that participants get the most out of their efforts.

Just like other cardio classes, RPM burns calories.  How many? RPM may burn between 600-700 calories for a 45-minute class, and continue to burn afterward!  RPM also helps to increase lean muscle mass, which helps to burn more calories even at rest.   More importantly, RPM challenges the cardiovascular system to become stronger and more efficient, helping the body in a multitude of ways, such as decreasing blood pressure, improving heart function, and regulating cholesterol.  With the uncertain future of health insurance and medicine, staying active and healthy to prevent disease is even more important now than ever.

So get out there and give RPM a try!  Have your instructor set you up properly on the bike, as a proper set up will make the ride more comfortable, and most importantly, it will help prevent any possible knee, hip or back pain caused by improper seat position.  Bring a towel and drink plenty of water during and after class.  If you just cant get comfortable on the seat, consider purchasing a gel seat, which are usually only about $20 at most sports stores.  If you find yourself attending at least 2-3 classes a week, cycle shoes are also a good investment, as they help to protect your arch and perfect your pedal stroke.  Use the instructors’ coaching to find the appropriate tension and resistance, but go easy for the first class or two until you get the hang of it.  Then after a few classes, really start to challenge your resistance and stay on the beat!  Oh..and don’t forget to sign-up for all RPM classes at the club’s front desk 30 minutes before class!

For best results, Les Mills International recommends participants take two to three RPM classes per week, with at least one rest day in between classes for muscle recovery.

Check out what times RPM and other fitness classes are offered weekly by going to www.o2fitnessclubs.com and clicking on “Classes and Programs,” to find the O2 Fitness Club nearest to you.

Have fun and we’ll see you in class!

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