Shanna's Skinny It Up Challenge :: Week 10

Apr 13, 2012

Week 10.

Boy have things sped up for me in the last week or two! I didn't believe anyone when they told me it would take a while for my body to adjust and then the weight would just start to fall off, but they were right! (did I just admit I was wrong?)

I actually took last week off from exercising because my knees were getting pretty bad (I did a series of squats improperly and paid for it) and I got my wisdom teeth out (all four - ouch!) - I don't recommend anyone going to the gym while on pain killers - sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

Oh how I missed my wonderful trainer Delaney ......... so I got back into the gym on Wednesday night. I sure did feel it the next day from that little hiatus I took, but it was worth it and I went back to workout again with her last night. She worked out with me and I'd have to say, I really did keep up with her! I know if I had worked out with her in the beginning, it wouldn't have been the same. I can just tell how far my body has come.

My husband is scared to work out with us because he doesn't think he will be able to keep up. Delaney and I agreed - he probably couldn't right now (sorry babe, but you really do need to get into the gym, maybe me calling you out publicly will help get you motivated!) - but let's not give him too much of a hard time, he has lost 14 pounds since I started this challenge, just by changing his diet to Custom Fit and Visalus with me.

I'm eating a Custom Fit right now - a late lunch... the Chicken Salad with coconut dressing is pretty delicious. So even though its not the end of my challenge yet, I wanted to update you guys with my weight, body fat and measurements so you can see how far I've come -

Weight: 151 lbs (9 lb loss)

Body Fat Percentage: 30.5% (4% loss)


Waist: 3 inches lost

Hips: 3.25 inches lost

Chest: 4 inches lost

Arms: 1/4 inch lost

Calf: 1/2 inch lost

Thigh: 1/4 inch gain (no worries - muscle!)

My clothes are really starting to get big on me! I definitely have dropped a whole pant size - yay for single digit sizes - and I'm finally getting to put my jeans in the dryer. Yes, jeans in the dryer... and they fit when they come out. Nice. I'm getting more excited about trying new things at the gym now, so I'm taking a Shape Up Downtown BodyPump class on Tuesday with Delaney. I'll let you know how it goes!

Oh and if you are  interested in getting these crazy results like me, call my amazing personal trainer and take advantage of your two free personal training sessions (Jennifer Delaney - 252-333-0840 or Thanks! - Shanna Questions? Comments? Want to share your journey? Email me!

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