Shanna's Skinny It Up Challenge :: Week 6

Mar 14, 2012

Week 6.

I’ve been working my butt off. We all know this.

On Monday we did a full updated measurement and I’ve lost 2 inches in my chest and 1 inch in my hips – and 1% body fat so far. Delaney said this is a great start, I say its not quite enough.

This past weekend was my birthday weekend and I definitely didn’t make fantastic decisions… I mean, why does that new place Draft have to have a $20 unlimited draft beer deal? And why does Irregardless have an amazing mussel and mushroom risotto? Of course that killed my diet, but hey – it was my birthday. And now I’m a quarter century old.

I think my biggest issue isn’t always with eating, but enjoying social time with my friends and family…. which leads me to drink adult beverages. I definitely didn’t pick a good time of the year to do this challenge, but if its going to become part of my life, I have to accept that social events will come up and I will have to avoid temptations, or at least cut back and make SMARTER decisions. Since Valentines day, my birthday, a few weddings and a trip to Charleston have all been jam packed into 2-3 months, its hard to stay focused, especially when I’m around people that don’t have to worry about what they eat or drink. I'm sure a lot of people have the same issue.

Anywho - After my birthday weekend I was tired. Dead tired. On Monday I felt like I could barely keep my eyes open. It was probably some mix of not being on my new diet for a few days and not getting enough sleep with daylight savings (that one hour really does throw you off!)… but I worked out anyways. I texted Delaney telling her that I was whiney and tired… her response “I’m really looking forward to our session tonight.” – she left me no room for cancelling after that!

So we worked out – I survived. And I survived the Inner Strength class last night with Chris Mitchell as the sub – man is she a tough one, but an amazing instructor! My legs are killing me today from lunges and squats that we did… over and over and over again...

We have a new outdoor GroupX program starting @ O2 Fitness in two weeks called Shape Up Downtown (starts 3/26) so I am excited to get OUTSIDE and workout! I’m saving the BodyCombat class I keep telling myself I’m going to try for this.

BUT - I THINK ITS TIME TO KICK IT UP A NOTCH! I’ve been on a very strict diet for the last 3 days, even more so than before. I am cutting out lots of bad carbs, adding more protein, veggies, drinking crazy amounts of water….  You get the drill. I’ve discovered two of my favorite Custom Fit Meals this week too – the BBQ chicken and the Honey Mustard chicken. Both have been my favs so far.

Lets see if I can’t lose another 3 pounds this week!

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