Shanna's Skinny It Up Challenge :: Weeks 8 and 9

Apr 03, 2012

I am thrilled to announce that I have lost 3% bodyfat in 8 weeks! I am so exited to finally see some results.

My weight is starting to come off a bit faster too - I've lost 5 pounds, but lots of inches are coming off too. My clothes are fitting better....although I haven't tried to fit into any old jeans... looks like I have plans with my closet tonight! Even though I didn't write a blog last week, I was still sweating at O2  Fitness - as well as outside of O2 Fitness.

Delaney and a few of my coworkers jogged from O2 Fitness Seaboard to Shape Up Downtown on Wednesday and I took my first ever BodyCombat class. I told you guys I would eventually take one. Totally worth it.

As a first timer, the Shape Up Downtown situation was perfect because there were not one, but TWO instructors teaching the class. One was teaching while the other would go around and help newbies like me with form, pace and coordination. I highly recommend taking this class on those days where everyone and everything seems to be going wrong. Punch it out and you'll feel better, I promise.

My sweet, loving, kind and generous personal trainer, Jennifer Delaney (yes, I am sucking up here), bought me a heart rate monitor and calorie counting watch because clearly I am her favorite client (how could I not be?) AND it's cute and pink! She is hoping that it will really help me not only keep up with my heart rate to stay in my ideal fat burning zone, but also to see how many calories I am burning while I work out - then I can go home and see how many calories I have consumed.

I have to say I've been slacking quite a bit on my food journal. I know if I was more serious about my eating habits on the weekend I probably could have lost more weight by now, but I can tell you that when I eat out or cook at home (basically whenever I am not eating a Custom Fit), I am making much smarter choices. Example. Saturday night I went out for dinner and drinks with some friends of mine (we went to Cantina 18, yum).

There were endless entrees that I could have eaten, but instead I chose to do two soft tacos (one shrimp and one chicken) and instead of rice/beans, I asked for a salad with their cilantro lime vinaigrette. It was delicious, and I didn't feel guilty after! And don't think I skipped out on the margaritas - I chose their Skinny Girl margaritas instead of a regular one where they use sugary sour mix and crappy quality tequila. Their Skinny Girl margy's use fresh lime juice and agave nectar instead of sour mix and blano tequila instead of the usual. It's much better for you (relatively speaking, of course) if you are in the mood for an adult beverage like I was. Oh, and to you guys out there, my husband and his friend drank them too, so don't feel silly ordering a "Skinny Girl Margarita." If real men wear pink, then real men can drink skinny margys. ;)

Well back to the work outs - Delaney has raised my repetitions to 15 instead of 10 now and we are using heavier weights. The first few days my body was pretty sore due to the changes, but I am starting to get used to it. Its crazy how much an extra 5-10lbs can feel like a million more. To end my 90 day challenge (three more weeks!), I am going on a very clean eating diet. Even more now than before. This means strictly veggies, fruits, lean protein and healthy fats (olive oil, etc).

I'm going to limit my intake of carbs for a few weeks as well. I know that I could be doing, and that I could have been doing, better with my eating habits during this whole process, but it's hard! So I'm going to use this opportunity to flush out my system and re-boost before the challenge is over. And by challenge, I mean this 90 day challenge -  diet and exercise will always be a challenge, but its so much easier to follow once you see those pesky lbs come off!

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