“Summer Strong” group fitness launch begins Saturday, July 23rd – and it promises to be memorable.

Jul 20, 2016

Imagine a carnival to celebrate group exercise. That’s what o2 Fitness members get every three months.

Quarterly launch is the exercise world’s own version of Mardi Gras. The event unveils new releases of our favorite Les Mills classes – showcasing brand-new moves and music amid costumes, prizes, festive decorations and an electrifying mood. o2’s exceptional instructors team up in unveiling new moves (and re-introducing a few classic ones). There are even free snacks available for those needing an energy boost between classes.

Launch day brings out longtime group-fitness participants. But it is also the ideal opportunity for those looking to try a class for the first time. Don’t worry about not knowing what to expect: at launch, even devout fitness-class regulars don’t know what’s coming – which is a big part of the fun! Plus, with extra instructors in the room, helpful guidance is only a few steps away.

This month’s launch theme is “Summer Strong.” Expect songs, signs and giveaways to reflect on strength and the season. It will also go beyond Les Mills offerings to include other popular classes like Barre, TBC and Zumba. For the first time, freestyle instructors will be taking part in the fun. Some clubs will have a rolling launch, unveiling new releases throughout the week. Staff will hand out cards for members to have stamped with the completion of each sampler class, exchanging the card at the end of the week for a souvenir prize.

Launch is a great time for o2 members to bring guests and to encourage friends to venture out of their fitness comfort zones and explore the group exercise format. It’s an opportunity to experience the valuable and supportive dynamic of intense exercise alongside peers. It’s a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones – all while getting an exhausting, exhilarating workout. Quarterly launch is all that and more!

Check the class schedule at the o2 Fitness location of your choice and plan to join the fun starting Saturday, July 23rd.




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