Bootcamp: Summit 360 Series: Taking Your Fitness to New Elevations

Aug 17, 2012

There's a bug going around, taking fitness enthusiasts by storm before they ever know what hit them. It causes sweating, shortness of breath, rapid weight loss and a new outlook on life. In the Personal Training world, we've known  it as small group training. Soon, you will know it as "Oh my God that workout just crushed me, but look at my arms!"

O2 Fitness has laid out a fair share of small group offerings before, but nothing like what you are about to see. This September, you will be introduced to a whole new way to exercise. If the commitment is right, you may never look back.

Enter "Boot Camp: Summit Series"

We know you're initial thoughts, but let us lay them to rest. This is NOT your average "we run in the park and do push ups" boot camp. This course revolves around the concept of turning you into a calorie burning machine, 24 hours a day! A combination of strength training, High Intensity Interval Training and total body conditioning that is set out to mold a new you.

Each class will include any number of combinations of highly effective training tools. From TRX and Kettlbells, to barbells and Medicine balls, this is a program that will incorporate all components of strength and metabolic training. The best part, is that it's done in a setting full of like-minded people. On occasion, classes will split into groups and allow recruits to push each other to even higher team goals. To up the fun another notch, O2 Fitness will have company wide "O2 Challenge" workouts that all clubs will participate in on that day. Times, results and feedback can then be posted on our blogs and sites to add a little friends competition.

Because this program is focused on results, we are partnering the Boot Camp up with a 90 day body transformation challenge. O2 instructors will offer a variety of nutrition solutions to include during your transformation process. We will announce the contest rules prior to the launch of the camps in Mid September.

Daily Fitness Classes at O2

Classes will be offered daily, though the times will vary based on the location. The class will offer numerous payment options and allow members to choose how often they'd like to attend, though we fully expect you'll be addicted in no time!

All facilities will be offering up TWO free weeks to kick off the month of September, which is more than enough time for you to come see what it's all about. Not to mention, you may be lucky enough to catch a sneak peak at the amazing new "Space Station Summits" at O2 Fitness Brennan, Falls and Falconbridge.

Talk to a trainer at your closest O2 Fitness location to learn more information about enrolling in the program. Please keep in mind that space IS limited and should fill up relatively quickly as the launch draws near.

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