NC Personal Trainers Get to the "Core" of It All

Mar 09, 2010

Written by Danielle Mudry, Raleigh Personal Trainer, O2 Fitness Falls/540

For those of you looking to tone those abdominals, the NC personal trainers at O2

Fitness have one word for you, tranverse.

What does this mean?  Well, lets break it down (your stomach that is)...

Your stomach has 4 muscles, the tranverse abdominals (the deepest layer

of your stomach), the rectus abdominals (which sit right under your skin)

and the internal and external obliques (the abdominal muscles on your sides).

Most people work the top layer of their abs (rectus) and never work

the layer underneath(transverse).... why? Because the only way you can

work that deep muscle tissue is by breathing deeply, stimulating your

diaphragm and exhaling pulling your belly button in and up. If you

only work the top layer of your abs and never work the deep muscle

underneath, your abdominals are only strengthened on the very top layer.

We commonly know this area as your CORE. That words gets used

frequently, but until now, were you really sure what it meant? Your

tranverse is your core, your trunk, your stabilization mechanism.

When your body moves, ideally your core tightens first to stabilize

and balance the body, when it's weak the part of your body that moves

first tries to stabilize your body and throws off your kinetic chain.

So how do we strengthen our core? One way is to try Pilates (check out for a schedule), or if you are currently working with one

of our awesome trainers, ask them. If you are not working with a NC personal trainer,

set up an assessment with one at the front desk!

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