The Run for the Gulf - Half Marathon

Aug 09, 2010

Submitted by Brianna Minard, Membership Consultant, O2 Fitness @ Wilmington

Many of you know Sophia Bush best for her character of Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill, filmed locally here in Wilmington, NC and you have probably seen her working out at the O2 Fitness Wilmington club. It’s not lost on any of us that she is a very talented actress; however, we are also learning she is more than just another pretty face in Hollywood.

We have always heard that Sophia donates a lot of her time and money into many non profit organizations. Well now she is doing it right here in Wilmington and giving us all a chance to get involved right along side of her!

Sophia is trying to raise awareness and money for the recent oil spill in the Gulf. She is currently organizing a group of people to run and be sponsored in a half marathon right here in Wilmington in November. So put all that energy and exercise you are doing towards a good cause. There are a few different ways you can help! You can get involved in the race and run with her, you can donate anything you can on her Crowdrise page or you can just re-blog this and help more people become aware of what she is doing. We can all help make a difference! Below we have listed a link to her Crowdrise webpage. Stay healthy and enjoy!

Thanks, and we hope to see you at the half marathon in November in Wilmington, NC!

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