The Secret to Burning More Calories

Jun 17, 2010

Written by Stephanie Platz, Membership Consultant, O2 Fitness Fuquay Varina

A lot of people focus primarily on cardiovascular training when trying to lose extra weight because they see the number of calories they can burn in an hour. What most people don't know is that you burn more overall calories from resistance training than from cardiovascular training!

You're probably asking yourself, how is this possible? Here's why you should focus on coupling resistance with cardiovascular training when focusing on weight loss and overall health improvement....

Initially, cardiovascular training does burn more calories than resistance training; there's no lying about that. When it comes to cardio a lot of the calories you burn off are from extra water weight. Once you're finished with cardio for the day your body is no longer burning any extra calories. However, when you resistance train you may burn less calories while training, but your body will continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after finishing your workout! Lifting creates small tears in the muscle tissue, which eventually repairs itself over time. It will take up to 48 hours to complete this process from your resistance training, during this time your body will continue to burn calories for you!

These days most people are looking for the quickest way to lose five/ten pounds the healthiest way possible, and this is why people up the cardiovascular training, but wonder why they aren't seeing the results they had hoped for. Try cutting back twenty minutes of the extra cardio and add some resistance training to your workout. The overall health benefits from both are worth it!

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