Tweet to Get Fit; Check-in to Stay Thin!

Oct 06, 2010

From diet plans, to pills, to extreme workouts, there are many ways that claim to help you lose weight or get in shape. But, did you know you could use social media tools to reach your goals?

With the rise of social media, there has been a trend towards tracking weight loss goals via Twitter and location-based technology such as Foursquare, and Tri-Out. Curious about this new and easy way to meet your fitness goals? Here are just a few examples and ways to get started:


A recent article on addressed this topic and enlightened readers by writing about how to track weight loss via Twitter.


  • Twackit, a social media tool, enables you to watch metrics and track them over time- your weight is a metric!
  • Weight loss charts are a new tool for Tweeters and with the help of Gtalk bots – you are constantly reminded to record your weight and can easily track progress.

Using Twitter to track your weight is a fun and easy way to keep yourself accountable and work toward your fitness goals. It might be fun to follow and partner with other ‘tweeps’ to encourage each other to work together toward a common goal!

Location-Based Applications

Location-based technology is also a great way to track your weight and hold yourself accountable to your fitness goals.  Here are three ways to track your fitness routine on the go:

  • If you have a smart phone, download the “Diet & Food Tracker” application. Whenever you eat out or order take out, share it with your personalized tracker.
  • Use Foursquare, GoWalla or TriOut to check-in every time you are at the gym. This will encourage others to support you and gives you a goal to work toward (e.g. become the mayor at your gym).
  • Use your location-based technology to find a nearby shop with healthy alternatives to satisfy your hunger after an intense workout.

Gym pass in one hand and your laptop or smart phone in the other, you are on your way to meeting your fitness goals!

Be sure to check-in on FourSquare and TriOut when you hit the gym and tweet @O2FitnessClubs to tell us about your goals and successes!

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