ViPr Circuit at O2 Fitness Seaboard

Jul 09, 2012

Written by: Jake Giamoni, Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Seaboard

Have you seen these odd-looking rubber tubes around your club lately? Wondering what exactly they can be used for?

ViPRs are among the most popular new training tools in the fitness industry -- and you will soon have a chance to try them out for yourself in our new ViPR Circuit class at O2 Fitness Seaboard!

Introducing ViPr Circuit Training at O2 Fitness!

Starting Monday, July 9th, the classes will take place at Noon on Mondays and Thursdays.  The six-week program will acquaint O2  Fitness members with these innovative, versatile rubber barbells and how they can take your functional training program to an exciting new level.

Michol Dalcourt, one of the developers of this state-of-the-art system, says “ViPR was created from a need to evolve training tools, foster purposeful motion and blend strength training with functional training and movement.” Ranging from 4kg to 20kg, ViPR's can be useful for anyone hoping to improve strength and stamina.

Each and every exercise in the class can be progressed or regressed based on individual fitness levels.  This small-group class (8-10 participants) will have an emphasis on moving fast and burning fat, but it is ViPR's effectiveness as a functional exercise tool that will leave you feeling like a whole new person.

There's a difference between having huge bulging muscles and being "strong," and this class will help separate you from the pack and leave you ready to take on anything life throws at you.

Training with ViPR can prepare you for anything from daily activities such as stacking groceries all the way to competing in high-level athletic events. Best of all, you'll look terrific doing it!  If you have hit a plateau or are just looking for something new and fun to add to your fitness routine, join Jake and Hunter in the group fitness room at O2 Seaboard on July 9th at Noon. You're body will thank you for it!

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