Want to Keep Your 2012 Resolutions? Hire a Personal Trainer!

Jan 04, 2012

Written by Drew Huffman, NC Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Wakefield

Everyone knows that the there’s no time like a new year to hit the “reset button” and focus on things you want to change, or accomplish and fitness goals are definitely at the top of this list! The only problem is that around 70% of these goals are never reached! Why is this? It’s not that people don’t truly want to make the change, so it has to come down to either motivation, or the lack of knowledge necessary to keep the results coming.

My suggestion to you is to take full advantage of any fitness services provided to you by your O2 Fitness Club, especially your free sessions with a certified personal trainer. It is a proven statistic that even ONE meeting with a NC personal trainer will increase your chance of success by more than 20%, even if you decide not to use their services on a regular basis (which is definitely the best way to help ensure results).

After meeting with an O2 Fitness personal trainer, you should be able to walk away with more specific and/or realistic goals, more methods and guidance to achieve them, and the confidence needed to keep making progress!

We are here for YOU! Take advantage of what’s in front of you, and don’t let this year be another try and fail situation!

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