3 Ways to Guarantee a Great Personal Training Session

Oct 19, 2021

When was the last time you tried something new? 

New experiences can feel daunting whenever we don't know what to expect from the experience.  We all get a little nervous during our first workout at a new gym, just like we can all be a little nervous during our first time working with a personal trainer. 

The good news is that the nervous feeling is normal, and our trainers are ready to do anything they can to help you feel comfortable and excited about this new adventure! 

We asked our trainer Shane K. how to guarantee a great first personal training session, and here are Shane's top 3 tips to keep your training session focused and prepare you for your first personal training session! 

1. Come with the right questions.

When you first meet your trainer, you'll probably have a lot of questions running through your mind. Our trainers are already prepared to answer your questions about pricing, types of training, and the types of workouts they can create for you. While this is a great place to start, if you want to guarantee a great first session with your trainer, you should take time to think of clear questions and define the work that both of you will do.

Do you want a trainer that checks in with you outside of your sessions? Do you want help creating meal plans? Do you want to work out at home? Our trainers have a variety of services and specialties that they can use to help you reach your goals in a healthy, sustainable way! Preparing questions specific to your wants and needs will eliminate curiosity about getting what you're paying for and allow you and your trainer to be on the same page so that you both can quickly start moving towards your goal! 

2. Know the deeper "why" of your fitness goal.

What is your current fitness goal? Now, ask yourself, "Why?" 

When you meet with your trainer for the first time, they will ask you about your goals. Many people come to their first session already knowing their fitness goals, which is great! But take some time before your session to ask yourself why you want to work with a personal trainer to reach this goal? Helping your trainer understand your goals beyond the surface level will give them a better idea of addressing them during this and any future sessions.

For example: During your first session, you tell your trainer, "I want to lose weight." Weight loss is a great goal to have in mind, and our trainers have a variety of approaches that they can use to help you lose and maintain a healthy weight! But if you tell your trainer, "I want to lose weight because I've tried working out on my own and haven't seen results," your trainer will be able to ask more focused questions about what you have been trying. From there, they can explain why you might not be seeing results with those methods, and then begin teaching you ways that are more effective for you specifically to workout for weight loss! 

3. Be yourself! 

Have you heard the phrase "what you put into life, you get out of it?" Well, the same goes with your training sessions! Although you may be nervous, our trainers all agree that the best way to guarantee a good session is to come in with the energy you want from your trainer.

If you're usually an energetic, extroverted person, then let them know and tell them when you're ready to go! If you're more introverted and laid back, don't be afraid to say it! Our trainers know that you may be out of your comfort zone already, and they are ready to do their best to help you feel comfortable during their time with you.


Trying something new can be scary or uncomfortable, but shaking things up is one of the best ways to grow! So what are you waiting for? Use these tips and book your first free personal training session today! Worried about finding a trainer that's the perfect fit for you? Don't worry! We give you 2 free personal training sessions, so you can meet all of our trainers to find the one that's right for you! 

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