Transformation Story: Tammy

Mar 02, 2022

There's something special about knowing what you want to do and the story you want to tell, but finding it together. Tammy was already in the gym, but once she started working with Allison - that's when her transformation story really began.

At 60 years old and now deadlifting 200 pounds, our member Tammy embodies the fact that it's never too late to start becoming who you want to be. Keep reading to hear Tammy's transformation story!

Why did you decide to sign up for personal training? What was your goal?

Untitled design (5)Before I started working out with Ali, I was running on the treadmill and would just be doing my own workouts at lunch. One day I was at the club boxing with Allision, and while we were talking, she mentioned that I should start doing some strength training. I was ready to start losing pounds and a few inches, but my routine current routine wasn't going to be enough to get those results. I talked with Allison about my goals, and we started doing 30-minute strength training sessions twice a week. 

I quickly began seeing changes in my body, and I specifically began noticing that I was getting stronger! After seeing these results in such a short amount of time, we increased to 1-hour sessions.

What was the most challenging obstacle you've faced throughout your training sessions? 

I had set myself a goal of losing 4 total inches in 6 weeks with strength training, small group (HIIT), and focusing on improving my diet. (I even decided as a reward for doing it that I would treat myself to a new pair of Lululemon Capris.) I hit this goal in 4 weeks.

After that, I set a new goal. This time it was Olympic lifting. I started slow and started building my strength, but strength training sessions were scheduled for the morning, and my biggest obstacle was getting up to eat before I went. I was used to fasting in the mornings before my workouts because fasted workouts are better for weight loss. But when I started lifting heavy, I learned that you NEED to eat before lifting heavy weights. During my time training, I have been learning and accepting the fact that I'm not skinny like society wants women to be - and that's OK - because I am strong!

Motivation is tough. How does Allison inspire you to push yourself and to keep working? 

As far as Allison motivating me, that's easy. She is easily the most motivating person I know. She has motivated this 60-year old woman to lift heavy weights (and that's not easy!) I would have never done that on my own. She has incredible energy and a passion for fitness that makes it easy for me to want to come to the gym.

I look forward to working out with her every day!

Has your experience working with a trainer affected other aspects of your life? 

I work at an accounting firm, so January through April is a very busy and stressful season for me. My sessions with Ali have been great for my physical health, but they are also great for my mental health because our sessions are the best stress reliever for me! In fact, the main reason I started doing the boxing sessions where I met Ali was to release some stress. So far, strength training has been great for my stress too, on top of helping improve my functional movements. As you get older, you need to be able to move!

What would you tell someone who wants to make a change? Howimage2 would you inspire them to finally go for it?

If you're thinking about working with a personal trainer, do it! Working with Ali is the best money I have ever spent on myself. You can come to the gym, use the machines, take classes, do your own thing. But if you really want those results and want the best workout, get a personal trainer. They teach you form to keep you from hurting yourself if you really want to work out independently. But they also have a special way to push you beyond your limits to inspire you to work harder and really see what you can do!

With a little push from my trainer this morning, I hit my new goal of deadlifting 200 pounds for 3 reps! I would have never done that on my own or without my trainer there to believe in me (especially when I didn't believe in myself.) If you want to change or try something new, get with a personal trainer and work together to make it happen!


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