Fitness Is Not Pass/Fail

Oct 04, 2020

Movement is good for your muscles, tendons, ligaments - and helps fire hormones to make you feel good. If you have ever started to work out, eat some salad, and within three days jump on the scale and wonder why it isn’t working - I am talking to you.

Every emotion has a physical sensation. Far too often the gym evokes shame, fear, guilt, stress - when the machines and the building don’t pull those emotions from you - culture does. The gym and the equipment inside are tools to use to help make you stronger. What if when you drive by the gym you feel pride, accomplishment, strength, and confidence?

The culture we have created and sustained since we were little tie our self worth to how we look, what we weigh, and the size our clothes are. The toxic feelings tied to eating and working out is reality for so many people. You are not alone. Find ways to change these thoughts. When you begin to workout you are drawn to the scale like it is a deep rooted obsession. Put the scale in your attic, or in a barn, or in a top cabinet that you can’t reach. The scale will be the first inanimate object to put you down, pause your progress, and draw out negative emotions that don’t equate to the good work you are doing.

Make a choice to take photos. We have asked many members what drives them to join the gym - and for so many it is a photo where they saw themselves and didn’t recognize who they were looking at. Photos will help you see progress, strength, and the most impactful change is the smile you will begin to see as you strengthen your body. Be gentle with yourself, set goals related to strength and to eating more vegetables and learning to cook items from the produce section that you would not normally buy. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. Make a commitment to yourself to have compassion for your journey.



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