Love Your Fitness: Eve's Story

Feb 20, 2023
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Meet Eve! A woman who took control of her health and started a weight loss journey with the help of Braxton, her O2 personal trainer. Through her dedication and hard work, Eve has achieved incredible results and discovered a strength she never knew she had.

Keep reading to learn more about her inspiring story and how working with a personal trainer can help transform your life!

What Inspired You to Start Your Fitness Journey?

I am a 56-year-old woman that came to O2 Fitness feeling defeated and almost resigned to the fact that I would not be able to lose weight due to the medications I am on, coupled with health issues over the past few years that set me back.

Logically, I knew what I had to do to lose weight, but it just felt like nothing was working for me anymore.
Online programs, special diets, you name it, I tried it … what had always worked for me was not working anymore. I knew the main thing that I was lacking was accountability. I needed someone to believe in me and push me, who would bring accountability in a holistic approach, including nutrition.
I am a breast cancer survivor and survived an arrhythmia that caused congestive heart failure. I realized I needed help to conquer the fat I had gained through these illnesses to continue living a healthy, happy life.

How Did You Start Training to Reach Your Goals?

In January 2022, my daughter and I joined O2 fitness. We received 2 complimentary Personal Training Sessions, and I figured I would use these sessions to learn some exercises to get started, and then I could just take it from there.
Ten months into the year, my daughter was too busy to get to the gym consistently. I tried to be easy on myself when I felt tired instead of pushing myself to go work out at the gym. I started a Keto diet and was 15 lbs lighter, but my cholesterol had skyrocketed!
Clearly, I needed to own that this wasn't working as I thought and focus on what would work best for me (because it would have to be something different than what I had been doing.) By the end of October, I decided to sign up for Personal Training sessions with Braxton Link.

How Has the Support of Your Trainer Helped Your Fitness Journey?

Braxton and I sat down, and he asked me where I felt like I was, my goal, and when I wanted to reach it.
He took my age, weight, history, and goal to come up with a daily calorie recommendation, which was right in line with a new Low Glycemic Index eating program I had just begun. He also asked a number of questions to get an idea of areas of my body I wanted to strengthen, areas I wanted to work on, and what I enjoyed and didn't enjoy so he could come up with a comprehensive training program to help get me to my goals in a way that I would actually enjoy.
He keeps all my workouts extremely individualized to my needs, interesting, and challenging. Braxton checks in with me weekly on my eating, activity outside the gym, and helps me to see and feel progress as we increase weight and reps. He has as much skin in this game as I do and celebrates my victories with me! 
In the 2.5 months I've worked with Braxton, I am down 25.5 lbs and 18 inches collectively in my bust, waist, and hips!
I feel better now than I have since my early thirties, and I am getting stronger than I've ever been! We have more work to do to get to my goal, but I know I will continue to work with Braxton even once my goal is achieved because by then, I will have new strength goals that I'll want to reach!


What Advice Would You Give Someone Thinking About Working with a Personal Trainer?

I feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally now because I finally decided to invest in myself!
Having someone focused on you and your goals, encouraging you to push yourself, and helping you hold yourself accountable, is invaluable.
There are a million little things that will get in your way of being the best version of yourself. Invest in your well-being with a PT at O2…because you are worth it!
We know you're worth it.
That's why we are ready to give you access to everything you need and more to hit those goals.
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