Introducing Our October Challenge: Squatober

Sep 30, 2022

Fall is hands-down one of our favorite times of the year. Those hot Carolina temperatures start to drop, the leaves begin to change, there's pumpkin-flavored everything, football season is in full swing, and there's the start of a new O2 Fitness challenge known as Squatober!

Yes, you read that correctly: SQUATober.

Squatober is our newest workout challenge with a 31-day training plan that allows you to build muscle, strength, and power through various exercises and lifting techniques. It's a great challenge for intermediate gym-goers and a great way for beginners to take their training to the next level!

We know squatting, especially squatting up to 5 days a week, in some way every day for a month might sound scarier than any Halloween monster or ghost. But this is your chance to say "challenge accepted" and join a community of other people wanting to improve their fitness (and have some fun) just like you!

Keep reading to learn how our version of Squatober works, ways to modify the Squattober plan, and how to join the challenge!

What is Squatober?

The Squatober Challenge is a 31-day workout plan. There are six pre-made, detailed workouts a week for you to do. (If you don't work out 6-day a week, don't worry! We'll explain how you can modify the plan to fit your training schedule and still reap the benefits in a second.)

This program is structured to be a power-building program, which means the workouts combine powerlifting and bodybuilding-style training for a combination that will help you build muscle and strength.

Squatober is structured with a Legs/ Push/ Pull / Legs split. Yes, you read that right. Legs are in there twice because it's SQUATOBER, after all! This will allow us to focus on working on our back squats but will help us avoid training legs every day, which can be dangerous and put you at risk of injury.

Overall, Squatober is a fun, spooky-themed workout plan that will help you get stronger and let you walk into the gym confident that you will get an amazing workout!


How to Modify the Squatober Workout Plan

Everyone is different. If you can't get to the gym to complete every single workout of the Squatober plan, you can still be a part of the challenge!

Rebekah Kriner, CPT and creator of the Squatober plan, recommends doing at least 3 days out of the week to still benefit from this strength training plan. These 3 days should consist of:

  • 1 Leg Day
  • 1 Push Day
  • 1 Pull Day

By choosing these 3 days, you can taper down the plan to fit your needs and still train all of your major muscle groups!


How to Join the Squatober Challenge

Start the O2 Fitness Clubs Squatober Challenge by downloading the Squatober workout plan at the link below.

Once you have the plan downloaded, follow us on social media and tag us during your Squattober workouts. We'll be posting the workouts on our pages daily, and we'll be sharing pictures and videos from others participating in the challenge too!

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