Physiotherapist vs. Chiropractor: Methods, Similarities, Differences

Jan 20, 2022

If you are injured, living with pain, or just not moving as well, you may be searching for a healthcare professional to work with that can help you decrease pain and improve your mobility. The two most common to look towards are physiotherapists or chiropractors.

There are several similarities between the two that make them go hand-in-hand. Both physiotherapy and chiropractic care provide manual and noninvasive treatments to effectively improve your pain, speed up your recovery from an injury, prevent future injuries, improve your mobility and flexibility, and optimize your day-to-day performance. They're also practiced by trained, licensed professionals with years of education in the sciences.

Chiropratic Treament

Chiroprators address poor alignment through the spine and the body by using a variety of adjustments andPHYSIOTHERAPIST VS. CHIROPRACTOR (2) techniques. Addressing alignment issues can help prevent excess or extra strain on your joints, muscles, and spine - alleviating pain and reducing the likelihood of injury. Chiropratic care works to treat the root cause of bodily problems and prevents future health problems by maintaining good posture, spine mobility, and a healthy nervous system. In chiropractic care, structure equals function. That's why their main goal is to restore your structure back to normal!

Chiropratic treatments provides physiotherapists with a solid foundation to begin improving the strength, mobility, and stability around your joints to allow proper, pain free movement.

Physiotherapy Treatment

PHYSIOTHERAPIST VS. CHIROPRACTOR (3)Physiotherapists are movement experts that help you move better and feel better by helping improve your strength, range of motion, joint mobility, and muscle flexibility. They use hands-on techniques, prescribe exercises, and provide education on how to address muscle imbalances and other issues that may be hindering your body's ability to function optimally. Addressing and working to improve muscle imbalance throughout the body can help improve your ability to move and perform daily activities.

Physiotherapists help improve your movement and decrease pain through strengthening weakened or imbalanced areas in the body, which allows chiropractic adjustments and manipulations to be even more effective!

The Bottom Line

The two are so similar that having the two work together just makes sense! Having a physiotherapist and chiropractor handle your care allows you to reap the benefits of both of these skilled professionals. That's why Renew Physiotherapy and Recovery is thrilled to now offer chiropractic care at O2 Fitness Club's Brier Creek location! Both departments of Renew work closely together and communicate to design a program that is going to best suit your needs and your goals.

Schedule an appointment today and see how both chiropractic care and physiotherapy go hand-in-hand to help you reach your goals!

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