The #1 Thing You Don't Need to Get Fit in 2023

Dec 30, 2022

So you decided 2023 is the year you're going to get fit, that's awesome!

There are a lot of useful tools you can use to reach and maintain your fitness goal, but there's one tool that might still be standing in your way... the scale.

Although the scale can be a good method for maintaining a healthy body weight, the scale can easily trick us in ways you might not expect. The scale you use, the time you weigh yourself, and even eating too much sodium can throw your scale weight off.

Considering all the things that can throw the scale off, why bother letting a silly number make or break your day?!

If you want to get fit in the new year (and keep your mental health intact doing it), keep reading to learn why ditching the scale might be what you need to succeed in 2023!

The scale doesn't indicate body composition (only body weight.)

Although the scale can be used to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), it won't tell you your body's composition. Thinking about your body composition is important because muscle and fat occupy space in the body differently!

That's why two people can be the exact same weight and height but still look different from one another.

So focusing too much on your weight can stop you from putting on muscle and gaining the strength you want!

The scale distracts you from your body's natural cues.

When you're too focused on the number on the scale, you might ignore the natural signals from your body like hunger, stress, and exhaustion. You can quickly start associating these feelings with something positive only because you like the number you see.

Then what happens? You might "reward yourself" with food when you've lost weight and restrict food when you gain causing an unhealthy cycle of habits.

Pay attention when you don't feel hungry and make mindful eating choices when you do. That way your hunger stays as a signal that your body needs to eat, not step on the scale.

The scale creates mental obstacles.

If weighing yourself can make or break your day, it's probably a good idea to give it a break.

Lots of people let seeing a lower number boost their mood, but even more people feel the negative effect all day long when they see the number go up.

Your weight fluctuates naturally. So if avoiding the scale will break the mental barrier that causes a good day to turn bad, avoid it and tune into your body's cues instead!

The scale doesn't measure your fitness level.

The number you see on the scale has one MAJOR downside, which is that it's a very poor indicator of your fitness level. It can discourage you from healthier activities and promote unhealthy lifestyle habits instead.

Instead of asking what number is on the scale today, ask yourself: Am I eating nutrient-rich foods? Am I getting enough sleep? Do I have a healthy amount of stress? How am I feeling physically?


2023 is your year to become the happiest, healthiest, and strongest version of yourself. Concentrate on what you actually need to do to get there...

  • Finding a meaningful goal that you can stick with even when times get tough.
  • Showing up for your workouts with an open mind so you can enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.
  • Getting to know your body and understand what it's capable of so you can push it to grow.
  • and giving yourself time to learn how to exercise properly without pressure to be perfect!

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