The Power Plate: What Is It and How to Use It

Nov 03, 2022

Have you seen this piece of equipment at the gym before?

power plate photoIf you don't know the Power Plate, you might have thought that it looks like an updated version of that 1970s shaker-belt weight-loss machine.

But we're here to tell you that the Power Plate is in the gym for taking your warm-ups, workouts, and recovery to the next level!

Let's take a look at the Power Plate, how to use it, and the benefits it can add to your fitness routine.

What Does the Power Plate Do?

A power plate machine uses PrecisionWave™ technology to send multiple tiny vibrations through your body at high speed. The vibration works to stimulate, contract, and relax your muscles.

The Power Plate has been tested and proven to help:

  • Improve Core Strength and Balance
  • Improve Flexibility and Mobility 
  • Improve Bone Strength and Density 
  • Increase Strength 
  • Increase Blood Flow and Circulation

Can Anyone Use the Power Plate?

Although it might look like it's for experts only, the Power Plate can be used by almost anyone!

The settings on the Power Plate are customizable. So an advanced gym-goer can create a challenging workout just as easily as someone rehabilitating an injury can flow through a gentle recovery routine.

It's backed by science, studies, and experience that proves almost everyone can use the Power Plate!

Ways to Use the Power Plate

The Power Plate is not only great for you, but it's super easy to use! There are four main options that you can choose from on the home screen to start: Complete Programs, Express Workouts, Single Exercises, and Manual Mode.

  • Complete Programs: You will be asked to select one of 3 goals (feel better, look better, play better), each with a complete warm-up, workout, and cool-down designed to help you reach that specific goal.
  • Express Workouts: There are 10 pre-programmed workouts that you can choose from when you need to get through a workout fast! There's anything from a recovery massage and stretching to an express HIIT circuit.
  • Single Exercises: Looking to target a specific muscle group? Choose between stretching, balance, core, strength, and massage to find a complete list of exercises that y do.
  • Manual Mode: Make the Power Plate work for you! Program the duration and the G-factor on the screen, then hit start.

There are more pre-programmed warm-up, workout, and recovery options that you can use too! Click on the photo below to learn our trainer Gio's favorite way to have his clients use the Power Plate.

Personal Trainer in Charleston SC Demonstrating a Lower Body Warm Up using the Power Plate Machineen

Don't be afraid to branch out and try new exercises and tools in the gym! Having a regular exercise and recovery routine is important, but it's just as important to keep your routine fun and interesting! 

Now that you know what the Power Plate is and the benefits of using it, will you give it a try? 

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