Why I Love Group Fitness!

May 06, 2022

When it comes to working out, a lot of us love to take our workout to the studio for a group fitness class.

Maybe you love taking all types of classes. Perhaps you're a LesMills fanatic.

No matter how you choose to get fit in the studio, your class always guarantees:

  1. A workout that is challenging and fun for everyone.
  2. A fantastic teacher is there working their booty off to motivate you through it!

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, we've asked a few of our amazing group fitness instructors why they love teaching group fitness (Warning: their reasons will motivate you to love it too!)

The ENERGY The Group BringsUntitled design (14)

I fell in love with group fitness as a participant, and the energy from the class inspired me to pursue certification.  The power of one team with one goal - to start and finish together - keeps everyone motivated each week.  Seeing members' dedication to their physical and mental transformations is very rewarding!  I'm so glad that I get to be a part of their fitness journey. Let's go!!

-Sarah Simon, Group Fitness Instructor (Bodypump, Shred, Ride)

It's Good For Everyone

I love group fitness because something is created in that space that you can find in few other places. When we walk into the room, all barriers can come down. It doesn't matter where you work, how many kids you have, how old you are, or even how "fit" you are. You become a team, completing something challenging together when you walk in. Over time, you become teammates, and there is a unique accountability that is developed. The energy, the comradery, and the accountability can't be beaten.

- Molly Lydick, Group Fitness Instructor

We're All In This TogetherUntitled design (15)

I love group fitness because we weren't meant to do life alone. Working out as a community is so much more motivating and fun! I had been at risk for osteoporosis and was encouraged to do weight-bearing exercises. There's no way I'd lift weights for an entire hour on my own and push myself nearly as hard as I do in BodyPump. I'm so happy I found group fitness and can gladly report my bone density has greatly improved since starting BodyPump about 14 years ago. I've been an instructor for the last 12 years because I love working together to be healthy, achieve our goals, and feel seen/loved!

- Christi Colyer, Group Fitness Instructor (BodyPump)

It's So Much More Than Just A Workout!group fit blog

I love teaching group fitness because taking classes changed my life! Seeing the growth and change in my participants as they develop more confidence, make friendships with other members, and become healthier is so rewarding as an instructor. The studio is a place where people of all abilities, levels, fitness backgrounds, and different walks of life can meet to encourage each other. Being able to facilitate the physical workout and the mental and emotional growth that happens through our classes is true joy. I cannot express how thankful I am that I have the opportunity to share my passion for movement with these amazing people. The community that we create is nothing short of magical, and I am honored to be their guide.

- Lisa Shackelford, Group Fitness Instructor


Tell us below why you love group fitness!


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