3 Reasons Men Don't Practice Yoga (and 3 Reasons Why They Should)

Jun 18, 2024


It's not uncommon for the majority of people in a yoga class to be women. Yoga has multiple health benefits for men and women, and the number of men who practice yoga has been increasing over the years.

But it's still a class many guys overlook when it's time for a workout.

Let's explore some reasons why men tend to avoid yoga and share some reasons why you guys should reconsider incorporating it into your fitness routine!

Why don't men practice yoga?

Everyone has their own preferences and routines they like to follow when it comes to their exercise routine. While there are a variety of reasons why men might hesitate to join a yoga class, some common reasons are:

"I'm not flexible enough."

Guys avoid yoga because they think they aren't flexible enough to participate. It can be hard to commit to taking a class that focuses on stretching and bending your body into new positions if you already have trouble touching your toes.

But here's the thing—yoga is designed for anyone, no matter how flexible or inflexible they are! There are a variety of levels and styles of yoga. You can even use tools like blocks or straps to support yourself through the practice.

So, even if you're not very flexible, yoga can help improve your flexibility over time through consistent practice and gentle progression. 

"It's not a real workout."

Some men typically pass on yoga because it's not as challenging as weightlifting or cardio exercises like running. While you won't leave a yoga class feeling the same as you would after a HIIT workout, it offers a unique, holistic approach to improving your fitness and overall well-being.

The slow and controlled movements in yoga engage and challenge your muscles in different ways than a traditional gym workout. Challenging your muscles to work in new ways can improve functional strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness, which is key to an effective workout routine. 

(Plus, the blend of physical work with mental focus makes yoga a workout that not only benefits your body but also supports a healthy mind!)

"It's too touchy-feely for me."

Yoga is meant to be a very personal, unique experience. Instructors will ask thought-provoking questions before class begins to help you tap into your emotions and assess your physical and mental capabilities. This is meant to help you tailor your practice to your needs, whether it's relaxation, trying a more challenging pose, or simply taking time to enjoy yourself.

If yoga's introspective nature isn't for you, that's fine! You can still get all the physical benefits of yoga by showing up and practicing (just try to keep an open mind.)


Why Men Should Practice Yoga

Still not convinced to try yoga? Luckily, we have three pretty good reasons why men should do it!

Build Strength and Balance

While yoga might be a gentle form of exercise, it can be a powerful tool for building strength (specifically in finer muscles that aren't typically targeted in other forms of exercise.) Many yoga poses require balance and core strength, which can help improve your overall stability and coordination. The strength and balance you build through yoga can complement other physical activities and sports, too!

Improve Flexibility and Mobility

Yoga helps increase flexibility and mobility by stretching and lengthening the muscles. This is helpful for men with tight muscles caused by anything from weightlifting to sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Improving your flexibility and mobility can help reduce your risk of injury! 

Reduce Stress and Increase Mental Clarity

Practicing yoga isn't just physical. It also involves breathing exercises, meditation, and intention-setting. These techniques can help reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve mental clarity. If you're facing high stress from work, relationships, and other responsibilities, you can use yoga as a tool to manage your stress levels while improving your overall well-being.

Incorporating yoga into your regular routine can offer men and women a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits, paving the way for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle!

Ready to get started? Try looking for classes at a local yoga studio or your local gym. (Remember to check their guest policies and see if you can bring a friend, too!)

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