Benefits of Strength Training Beyond Building Muscle

Jul 24, 2023


We know that strength training is important for our health and well-being. But why? 

When we think of strength training, we often associate it with building muscle. And while that is a significant benefit, strength training offers so much more for our overall health. 

In this blog, we will explore some of the additional benefits of strength training beyond building muscle!

Improves Muscular Endurance.

In addition to building muscle, strength training also improves muscular endurance, meaning you can do more for longer periods of time.

Boosts Cardiovascular Health.

While aerobic exercise like running, swimming, or cycling is most commonly associated with improving your cardiovascular health, studies have shown that strength training can contribute to improved heart health. Strength training aids in reducing blood pressure and enhancing blood circulation, minimizing the risks of hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. 

Enhances Sleep Quality.

If you struggle with falling and staying asleep, incorporating strength training into your exercise routine might help! Researchers have shown that lifting weights can help improve your overall quality and duration of sleep, leaving you well-rested and ready to tackle your day. 

Improves Stability and Mobility.

The risk of injury lurks around every corner. Strength training targets the muscles located around your joints, which can help in strengthening and stabilizing them. 

And it’s not just your joints that benefit. Weightlifting has also been shown to aid in bone health, decreasing the risk of developing osteoporosis. In other words, your muscles aren’t the only part of the body gaining strength, but your bones are too! As a result, your risk of injuring yourself decreases substantially, which helps improve overall bone and joint function.

Positive Effects on Mental Health.

Strength training has been shown to have wonderful effects on the brain and overall mental health. Research has shown that adding strength training to your routine can decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression. Along with the mental health benefits, strength training can also increase your confidence levels, overall mood, and mental capacity.

Reduces Body Fat.

Like aerobic exercises, resistance training can reduce your body fat percentage. As you work out, you begin to burn calories more efficiently and build muscle. You even burn calories at rest due to an increase in your resting metabolic rate. 


In Conclusion...

Adding strength training to your routine is essential in achieving optimal health! These are just a few of the additional benefits of strength training beyond building muscle. And combining strength training with cardio and a good diet is even better for obtaining these health benefits. So next time you are lifting weights, remember you are taking big steps towards improving your overall quality of life!

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