What to Bring to Yoga Class

Jul 27, 2022

So you decided that you're finally going to try a yoga class - congrats!

You've probably asked a few friends about classes they recommend, found time on your calendar, and you feel committed and ready. But you might still be wondering... what do I need to bring? Well, look no further!

Below are the five must-haves to bring to any yoga class to ensure you have all your bases covered. Read through each one to see what you'll need, pack your bag, and head to the studio!

1. Comfortable, Breathable Clothes

This may sound obvious, but many people that are new to yoga don't always know what to wear.

All you need is to wear something you can easily move your body in that you feel comfortable in, instead of self-conscious. Most ladies opt for comfortable shorts or leggings with a supportive top, and most men opt for stretchier shorts and a tank-top or t-shirt.

Keep in mind that you'll be moving through several sitting and standing positions, so it helps to wear something that can stay put too. This will help you stay in the zone instead of being focused on adjusting your shirt or pants during class.

2. Water Bottle

Although a yoga class isn't as fast-paced as classes like bodypump or cycle, it's still good to bring a water bottle with you!

A water bottle will help you stay hydrated during class, and the water will help you get the full detoxifying benefits of yoga.

Just remember not to drink a large amount of water before or during class to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

3. Yoga Mat

Many studios provide yoga mats and other accessories you might need for the class, like blocks and stretching straps. So if you don't have your own mat, you can arrive at class early to secure your mat.

If you want to buy your own yoga mat, the good news is there are plenty of great, budget-friendly yoga mats available!

Check the length and width, thickness, and type of material to ensure it will be comfortable and suit your needs.

4. Towel

Any towel will work during yoga! (There are some specialty towels you can buy for your mat or yourself if you'd like.)

You'll want a towel if you sweat easily to avoid slipping on your mat, especially if you are participating in a hot yoga class.

Choose one that fits your needs. A small hand towel should be fine, but you'll probably want to go up to a full-sized towel during hot yoga or Bikram yoga class.

5. An Open Mind!

Most important out of all things to bring to your yoga class is an open mind!

Avoid being quick to judge the yoga class experience, others in the class, and even the teacher.

Many people come to class and mentally beat themselves up before the first pose because they assume they're not strong enough, not flexible enough, or will be bad at it.

Practicing yoga isn't about how long you can hold the position or if you're more flexible than the person beside you. Yoga is about experiencing and embracing the sensations in your body to leave feeling more grounded, present, and blissful (and if a bit of strength and flexibility comes along with it - well, that's just a bonus!)

Additional Tips for First-Timers...

Still, have questions before class? Don't be afraid to do some research ahead of time to learn more about the class you're taking and the equipment required.

Get to class early! The extra time will help you find parking and get to the studio with plenty of time to set up your spot. Plus you can even take some time to chat with the teacher and learn about any modifications you can make if you have an injury or a limitation.


Comment below and tell us one thing you wish you knew before your first yoga class!

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