Fix Your Feet Personal Training Clinic

Jun 11, 2020

Do your feet hurt? Do you have sharp pains or burning sensations when you step out of bed in the morning? Do the bottoms of your feet prevent you from doing some of the things you used to really enjoy like running, jogging, sports, hiking, etc.? Have you asked your ankle if “he or she” can help you resolve this discomfort?

Why do my feet hurt?

Just like a lot of other symptoms that show up in the body, pain or discomfort in the feet can be a sign that something else is off. Pain and discomfort in your feet don’t always mean that your feet have a problem. A friend of the feet might have a problem and they are asking for help by calling the feet. Think of it as a direct call from your feet to your brain to let the information center know that there is a need for repair somewhere else. While this call is great for identifying an area of concern, it does not help assess how to help “fix the flat.” It is a clue though! Today we will look at how to create more mobility and stability in the ankle which could help resolve pain in the feet.

Will this plan work for me?

The first thing to look at is the ankle and hip range of motion. If someone’s range of motion is restricted, often this will create a compensation somewhere else in the body. Sometimes this is felt by the feet. To test the ankle range of motion we can use the assessment found in our personal training clinic video. All you will need is a ruler or measuring tape and a wall or foam roller. If you find that you have a lack of range of motion in an ankle or both ankles and this is corresponding with foot pain, we can explore the options outlined in this video!

Fix Your Feet with Ankle Mobility and Stability Plan

  • Phase one will be an ankle mobilization as shown in “Fix Your Feet” personal training clinic video
  • Phase two will be to foam roll and stretch. In this video we show you how to foam roll your calf and stretch your toes.
  • Phase three is a strengthening phase. The muscles that we will focus on in this video are the muscles on the bottom of the foot and glute muscles.


If you still have questions, please contact our professional personal trainers that are certified corrective exercise specialists. We hope this video was helpful in getting you back to hitting your goals and living a healthy lifestyle!

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