July 4th Workout

Jul 02, 2019

Whether you're heading out of town or staying home for a backyard cookout this Fourth of July, O2 Fitness has you covered with an Independence-Day themed workout to get you ready for the star-spangled celebrations. You'll head into the holiday weekend feeling like you've earned every second of rest and relaxation with this full body workout from O2 Fitness Brier Creek Personal Trainer Karissa Umpenhour.

In honor of this year's Independence Day on 7/4/19, perform these 7 exercises in 4 sets of 19 reps each. Adjust each exercise to your fitness level using lighter or heavier dumbbells, or no dumbbells at all!

Statue of Liberty

Equipment Needed: 2 light to medium dumbbells

Build strong arms like Lady Liberty with this shoulder press and tricep extension combination. Stand straight with feet hip-width apart and shoulders back. Hold a light to medium dumbbell in one hand with your elbow bent at a 90 degree angle. Press your arm straight up for the shoulder press. At the top of the press, lower the dumbbell behind your head and extend your arm straight for the tricep extension. Lower arm and repeat.New call-to-action

Firework Lunges 

Equipment Needed: 2 light dumbbells

Stand in a lunge with one foot behind the other, keeping front knee over ankles. Holding both dumbbells, twist your torso open to face the side of your front leg while raising the opposite arm straight above your head and touching the other arm to the ground. This exercise works your balance, legs, shoulders, and back.

Salute Crunch

Equipment Needed: Mat

Lay flat on the ground with one knee bent and foot flat on the floor. Rest your opposite ankle across the knee of the planted leg. Hold your hand at your temple and crunch up using your abdominal muscles with elbow pointed towards opposite knee. This exercise works your core, focusing on the obliques.


Red, White, & Glutes

Equipment Needed: Resistance Band

Tuck one resistance band handle under the arch of one foot. Get on your hands and knees with the other end of the resistance band stretched underneath both palms on the ground. Kick the banded foot straight behind you and up. Complete reps on one side and switch.

Independence Row

Equipment Needed: Swiss ball & 2 light to medium dumbbells

Lay with Swiss ball positioned under your chest and toes on the ground. Hold each dumbbell with arms down and palms facing in. Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull the dumbbells up towards your chest, keeping neck aligned with spine. This exercise works your back and core. 

Spectacular Squats 

Equipment Needed: 2 dumbbells

Stand with feet out wide and toes pointing out. Straighten your arms out in front of you with dumbbells in hand and palms facing in. Squat down as you open your arms out to the side, keeping them parallel with the ground. Keep a straight posture as you lower and don't lean your torso forward. This exercise works the quads, glutes, shoulders, and chest.

Freedom Frog Jumps

Equipment Needed: None

Stand with feet out wide and toes pointing out. Squat low with fingertips touching the ground between your feet and power up into a jump as you raise your arms straight over your head. This is a great cardio exercise to get your heart rate up while toning the legs. 

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