Know Your (Fitness) Why

Feb 09, 2021

Before setting your fitness goals, long or short, it is very important to take some time to determine your fitness why. What is your fitness why you ask? Your fitness why is the reason you want to achieve your long or short term goal. It is your motivator. The deepest, darkest emotions and feelings you have about yourself and your body. What you want to change and more importantly the reason or reasons why you want to make this change.

Just like your fitness journey, everyone’s fitness why is different. You have to be able to identify what and why you want to change before you can actually change it. In order to figure out your why, you must be 100% authentic and get very real with yourself. Sometimes this process can spark emotions that you may have buried down in your subconscious.

Knowing your why can help you identify the reasons or roadblocks keeping you from change. If you can successfully identify these reasons, your fitness why can help you overcome them, one by one. Often times, the biggest reason people aren't motivated to change is because they do know what their fitness why is.

Here at O2 Fitness we understand just how hard it can be to figure this out on your own, so we have put together a Know Your Why PDF download to help you better prepare for your next fitness goal. Just remember that as you and your goals change, so will your fitness why. Every single why is a part of the reason you achieved each goal.

Every time your goal changes, download and print off the blank worksheet. Store your worksheets somewhere you can find them. It is extremely powerful to be able to look back and see where you started versus where you are today.



Download Know Your Why PDF Worksheet →

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