Summer Running Tips

Jul 21, 2022

Editor's Note: This post is authored by the Raleigh Distance Project squad. Their mission is to create opportunities for aspiring elite distance runners to reach their goals and to use the transformative sport of running as a means of community-building for all people. Click here to learn more about the Raleigh Distance Project!

Summer is here, which means it's time for ice cream, beach trips, and cold drinks with friends!

But it also means sticky, humid mornings and oppressively sunny afternoons.

If you're like us and you want to keep running this summer, here are some tips on how best to do it!

RDP Caity

Caity prefers to run on more trails in the summer months because the temps are noticeably a few degrees cooler in the shade. Running on the trail also helps to lessen the focus on pace, which is always a bit slower when the conditions are hot and humid.
RDP Lauren
Lauren reminds us that you can't make up for dehydration in the minutes before your run. It's key to hydrate throughout the day, before and after your run even if you don't feel "thirsty." This will make a big difference as you go out on those brutal runs. Drink mainly water, and add in electrolyte drinks every once in a while, particularly in the hours closest to your run.
RDP Emma
Emma advocates safety first, but make it fashion. Wear sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses. You might feel a bit more sweaty, but let's face it, you're going to need a shower anyway. Summer UV rays are strong, even in the morning, and sun protection is key. Take care of your skin and eyes, and your future self will thank you!
RDP Gabbi
Med student Gabi knows the importance of rest and recovery. She recommends running early in the day to beat the heat, but even that will still feel awful if you're not well-rested! Prioritize early bedtimes even though it's still light out at 9 pm these days.
Most importantly, it's super important to listen to your body, even more than usual. Kim has felt the effects of heat stress before, and it is no joke! If you overdo it on a run, outdoor workout, or even just a relaxing day with too many hours outside, you could experience heat exhaustion or heat stroke. 
Finally - don't be afraid to take that run inside! We love running outdoors, but not at the expense of our health. When there's a heat advisory out, our team likes to take their runs to the treadmills at O2 Fitness Clubs!

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