What is SilverSneakers?

Jul 02, 2020


All of Your SilverSneakers Questions Answered

Wouldn’t it be great to have a no-cost gym membership for older adults, that would allow them to take fitness classes designed specifically for seniors and lead by trained, supportive instructors? Well that is exactly what Silver Sneakers is all about! However, Silver Sneakers is more than a fitness program; it is a friendly, supportive, and motivating community for adults 65+, that helps keep a social support system for its members and offers real health benefits.

As a Silver Sneakers member, you get a basic membership at any gym, fitness center, or participating location within the Silver Sneakers network, allowing you to use the facilities and amenities that are available to you. This includes cardio and strength equipment, pools, towel service and of course, the most popular line-up of Studio classes.

Silver Sneakers members who participate in the various group exercise programs are more active, feel healthier and are less likely to experience social isolation that non-members. One of the biggest attributes is that it helps contribute to a strong body, mind, and spirit. Studies show that regular physical activity keeps your heart, brain, bones, muscles, and joints healthy. If you have a chronic condition like arthritis, diabetes, or osteoporosis, safe exercise can help you feel better.

Although most people don’t join Silver Sneakers to meet new friends, more than 50 percent of the active members say that are motivated to continue exercising because they have a “Silver Sneakers” friend that they have made, and that friendship is what keeps them coming back. And the power of friendship goes beyond exercising in the fitness center. Many Silver Sneakers groups, such as those offered at O2 Fitness, even have planned events outside the clubs, including quarterly potlucks, in-club health seminars and outings around town, allowing them to continue their social networking. Furthermore, benefits like staying social is also vital to good health.

While most of the Silver Sneakers programs are included with many Medicare Plans, it is best to consult your individual health care and insurance providers to see what options are available to you. One of the best ways to see if Silver Sneakers is a right fit for you, is to check out our on-demand programing, GO2 Fitness which offers an array of specific Silver Sneakers platforms, whether you are at home, or on the go!

SilverSneakers Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of SilverSneakers Classes are Offered?

Silver Sneakers Classic Classes are full-body workouts designed to improve strength and increase the overall mobility of participants. This includes some light and easy-to-follow strength and endurance training.

Silver Sneakers Circuit Classes are evenly-paced aerobics classes designed to promote cardiovascular health. These workouts are centered around low-impact movements, which promote joint function and wellness. These classes are 60 minutes in duration and are accessible to all fitness levels.

Silver Sneakers Yoga Classes are modified yoga practices designed specifically for muscle stretching, joint mobility, and mindfulness. Designed to combat stiffness, joint issues, overall discomfort, and stress, this class can help you along your wellness journey.

Zumba Gold Classes are modified Zumba dance moves geared toward active, older adults seeking lower-impact workouts. The movements are easier to follow and more fluent to minimize stressful jerking, twisting and other potentially harmful motions.

What Should I Wear to My SilverSneakers Class?

SilverSneakers Circuit, Zumba Gold and SilverSneakers Classic classes are best completed in comfortable workout shoes with athletic clothing. SilverSneakers Yoga classes require that you access your full range of mobility, so it is best to wear your comfortable, movable clothes that are unrestrictive to stretches.

How Long are SilverSneakers Classes?

These classes are 60 minutes in duration and are accessible to all fitness levels. If you need a break throughout the class, you are welcome to rest as needed. You are also encouraged to work at your own pace to keep you comfortable with moving as much as possible.

How much do SilverSneakers Classes Cost?

SilverSneakers is a no-cost program. It is included in most Medicare Plans, so if you are enrolled in this healthcare service you can feel confident that you are also eligible for the SilverSneakers fitness program. The program is designed to make fitness and overall wellness as accessible as possible for seniors in the community, so whether you are looking for a fitness outlet or if you know someone who could benefit from this service, SilverSneakers may be the perfect solution.

How Can SilverSneakers Help Me?

For elderly adults, the SilverSneakers program offers immeasurable physical and psychological health benefits.

  • A 2009 study revealed that aerobic activity can promote memory function and retention. This means that SilverSneakers classes can help improve your memory health in the short and long term.
  • The SilverSneakers classes also offer a community of support and wellness, which can give elderly members of society a sense of belonging and connect them with like-minded individuals. You can find the fitness community that you are looking for with the SilverSneakers program.
  • Additionally, a 2008 study concluded that participation in SilverSneakers improves health, which leads to overall cuts in healthcare expenditure and fewer average hospital admissions. In this sense, SliverSneakers can save you money healthcare trouble.

Who is eligible for SilverSneakers Classes?

SilverSneakers is available nationwide for those ages 65 and older. Click here to check your SilverSneakers eligibility with four quick steps. The professionals at O2 Fitness are here to support you along your wellness journey. If you would like to experience all that SilverSneakers has to offer, sign up for a 7-day O2 Fitness free trial or a 10-day GO2 Fitness free trial. Contact your local O2 Fitness location to get started today! 


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