What to Do If You Don't Like Exercising

Feb 20, 2022

Do you hate to exercise? You're not alone! But just because you don't like to work out doesn't mean that you can keep avoiding it. We're not telling you that you need to love exercise, and we're not here to convince you that you secretly do like to workout but just don't know it yet. 

If you don't like exercising, but know that exercise is good for you and want to find a way to incorporate more movement into your routine - keep reading to see how you can realistically start adding more activity into your daily routine!

Own the Fact that You Don't Like to Exercise.

Not everyone leaves their workout feeling energized after or gets those endorphins people always talk about. We know all the benefits exercise has for us, but plenty of people don't like to exercise. So stop trying to convince yourself to like exercise. Acknowledge that you don't like it. It's okay not to like exercise. You are not a better person for loving exercise, and you're not worse of a person for not enjoying exercise. Own that you don't like it, and use that knowledge to figure out how you can go about getting more movement into your routine.

Find Movement You Tolerate.

If you don't like fast-paced workouts, you shouldn't be trying to force yourself to go to HIIT classes 5 times a week. Find forms of exercise that you can be okay with (not in love with, not miserable with, but just okay with!) Try this:

Make a list of exercises, classes, or movements you've tried before and that you've heard of but haven't tried yet. Then cross out all the options that you absolutely hate until you end with 3 things you are okay with trying.

These 3 things aren't guaranteed to make you fall in love with exercise or enjoy working out any more than before, but they will take you a step closer to getting more movement in that you are okay with doing!

Stop Waiting for "Motivation" to Come.

We don't get motivated to do things we don't enjoy. That's why so many of us tend not to do some of the things we know are good for us, like dieting or exercising. Chances are that you won't just wake up with a lasting, newfound sense of motivation tomorrow morning. So stop waiting for motivation to come. Set an intention to move that comes from a place of self-care to help motivate and push yourself to get more movement in that you're okay with doing.

Don't suffer through a jog around the block if you don't like running. Think about taking a walk or trying out the bike at the gym! But the most important thing is once you find something you'd be okay with doing, stop thinking and go do it!

Remember Exercise Isn't a Punishment!

It's okay not to like exercise or working out. It's hard and isn't guaranteed to leave you feeling 100% better. But exercising shouldn't be a punishment for your body because of how it looks or because of what you ate. Exercise is your way to thank your body for what it is and what it can do, so go celebrate what your body and what it can do (even if it isn't fun!)


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