Why a Gym Membership Is A Great Christmas Gift For Anyone On Your List

Dec 20, 2021

The countdown to Christmas has begun, and the big day is coming up fast! There are only a few days left to shop before it's time to get those gifts wrapped and under the tree. The pressure to get the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list is real. But when you see the last names on your list are your hard to shop for friends and family; that's when the holiday stress can really settle in.

Stop running from store to store and close those Amazon tabs, because we have the perfect gift that's thoughtful, useful, and easier to give than you think - a gym membership

We know what you're thinking, "Isn't it offensive to give someone a gym membership as a gift?" Nope! For far too long, gym memberships have been known as a taboo or boring gift to give someone. It's time for us to destigmatize gifting gym memberships by listing our top 5 reasons why a gym membership is a great gift everyone would love to have this Christmas! 

1. One Less Bill for Them to Pay.

Money and gift cards are pretty normal when asking what someone wants for a Christmas gift. Why? It's easy to give and almost everyone can find having a little extra cash useful this time of year. The end of the holiday season isn't the most budget-friendly way to being the new year. Giving your friends or family a few free months or a year at the gym is a great way to save them a little extra money and give them something they will actually use!

2. It Is Multiple Gifts in One.Group Workout

A gym membership isn't just one normal gift. It's not like a toy your niece or nephew will use for a few days and then discard it to the bottom of the toy box like they haven't been begging for it all year long. That excitement from getting something brand new won't wear off with a gym membership, whether they're a gym regular or have never been to one before! It can take months to fully explore and try everything the gym has to offer like tons of cardio machines, a variety of group fitness classes, multiple recovery tools, and personal training.

By mixing everything that a gym has to offer, they will be amazed about how they can enjoy a different type of activity every day of the week!

3. It Shows That You Really Care.

Gym memberships have been known way too long as an offensive gift to give someone. But when you think about it, a gym membership is a great way to show someone how much you really care about them! We want our friends and family to be in our lives for a very long time - enjoying new adventures and living pain-free. There are a lot of benefits to regular exercise, and a gym membership is a great way to give them access to everything they need to stay happy and healthy with you for many more years!

Group-Training-14. It Is Something You Can Do Together.

Sometimes it feels like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything we need to done. Don't neglect seeing your friends or spending time with family because you still need to hit the gym after work! A gym membership at your local gym is a great way to work in some extra time together while breaking a sweat doing your favorite gym activities. (Plus you'll both feel extra good knowing that you're doing something productive in your time together!)

5. No Wrapping Required!

Not only can you avoid the hassle of navigating the holiday shopping madness in person, but with a gym membership, there's also no wrapping required! Just tell them to grab their water bottle and slip on their sneakers, and they'll be good to go. Talk about hassle-free!


Still feeling iffy if a gym membership is the right gift to get? Spice it up by adding a brand new gym outfit that they can wear on their first day or gift them a package of personal training sessions they can use to give them a jump-start towards their health and fitness goals in the new year! Contact us today or stop by your local O2 Fitness Club to learn more about how you can give the gift of fitness to anyone on your list this holiday season!

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