7 Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Nov 01, 2021

Whether you're swimming, jogging, weight lifting, or even just walking, your muscles are working, and your body is burning calories. But sometimes, when we're at the gym or just up and moving, we want to be doing literally anything else. Even though our mind can be telling us to stop, our bodies are thanking us!

We might not always have time to get to that hour-long fitness class or spend 2 hours lifting weights, but making time for at least 30 minutes of movement every day provides our minds and body with some serious benefits.

Get inspired to get up and get moving today when you see these seven major health benefits of incorporating regular physical activity into your day-to-day life!

1. Regular exercise is good for your muscles and bones

Any kind of exercise is great for strengthening your muscles and your bones! Even the most simple, everyday activities like walking, dancing, and climbing stairs are great because they force you to work against gravity to help you strengthen these areas.

2. Regular exercise can increase your daily energy levels

You might not have been in a physics classroom lately, but do you remember the phrase "an object in motion stays in motion?" If you do, then your teacher knew what they were talking about! The more you can get up and get moving, the longer you can stay up and move.

3. Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of chronic disease and illnesses

On top of strengthening your muscles and bones, regular exercise helps to strengthen your heart! As your heart strengthens your circulation and oxygen levels in your body improve. This helps lower your risk of heart-related chronic diseases. Moderate exercise also helps flush out your lungs and airways to reduce your chance of getting the flu and other illnesses too!

4. Regular exercise can help you relax

We're not saying you need to stop taking bubble baths, drinking tea, or using the occasional facemask when you want time to wind down and chill out at the end of a busy day. But have you ever sat on the couch or laid down for a nap right after a hard workout? Didn't you feel a sense of calm?

Regular exercise is a great way to help you relax, increase your ability to sleep, and even reduce anxiety!

5. Regular exercise helps reduce pain

It's hard to want to exercise when we feel aches and pains, and a lot of times we end up actually avoiding movement in hopes that the pain will fade on its own. But (brace yourself), the truth is that you may need to be moving more to fix those pains you're feeling. We can start improving minor aches and pains more often than not by strengthening the muscles in that area!

By working with a specialist like a personal trainer or a physiotherapist, you can identify your problem areas and safely work towards feeling pain-free!

6. Regular exercise helps reduce your risk of falling

While it's impossible to completely prevent yourself from falling, regular exercise can play a huge role in reducing the likelihood of falling and getting injured from falling. Exercise will help strengthen your legs, improve your flexibility, and reduce imbalances that could make you more likely to fall and get hurt.

7. Regular exercise can help you be social

Exercise's most underrated benefit is that it helps increase your social life! Group fitness classes, sessions with a trainer, or working out with an accountability partner gives us more time to participate with others. Even if you prefer to hit the gym with your earbuds in and your workout playlist blasting, you're still actively participating in an activity surrounded by like-minded people in your community!


There are so many benefits to incorporating regular exercise into your lifestyle. But if regular exercise isn't already a part of your day-to-day, how can you begin making it a part of your daily routine?

Here are some small changes that you can add to your routine to start exercising more regularly:

  • Add extra movement to your everyday activities.
  • Use a watch or pedometer to track your daily movement.
  • Try out new ways to exercise to make it more fun and make you want to get up and get moving!
  • Find ways to get moving even during bad weather by finding online classes or creative ways to exercise indoors!

For more tips and helpful advice for staying active, talk with one of our personal trainers or our on-site Renew physiotherapists next time you visit the club!

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