How to Stay Focused During Your Workout

Feb 04, 2022

The hardest part of working out is getting to the gym. On the days you show up dressed and ready to go, you want to make the time you are there exercising really count. When boredom strikes during your workout, you try and find any way to distract yourself. We scroll through our phones and try to invest ourselves in whatever shows are on the TVs to help the time go faster. But what if we put more energy into tuning in instead of tuning out?

The results of regular exercise connect to a larger, long-term goal. You can't lose 10 pounds from a 30-minute run or gain muscle from 45-minutes in the weight room, which makes the results from a single workout not as satisfying. So, how can you stay focused during your current workout to stay motivated to finish this one and more in the future?

Don't Clear Your Mind. Control Your Thoughts.

You have a lot going on outside of the gym. The noise in your mind that comes from remembering your to-do list at work and home is already loud enough to distract you from your workout. It can be even more distracting when you let negative thoughts about yourself enter your mind. Stay focused during your workout by breathing deep and refocusing on the purpose of this workout for you.

Set an Intention for This Specific Session.

Setting intentions is a powerful tool to use when practicing any type of fitness. Intentions zero in on something you can connect to emotionally, and unlike working towards that long-term goal of weight loss or muscle gain, you can achieve in a single workout. Set an intention each time you exercise to tap into the purpose of your workout and stay motivated as you work through it.

Let Your Music Guide You.

Putting in your headphones and blasting music might seem like a weird way to stay focused, especially since so many of us use music as a way to tune out the world. But, the right playlist can actually help keep your mindset on what you're doing! Create a playlist of songs that use words or themes that speak to what you want to feel from this specific workout. When you feel fatiguing or bored, turn up the music and get emotionally recharged to finish your workout the way you intended!


These are some great ways to help yourself stay focused during your next workout. You can also try other methods like working with a personal trainer or participating in group fitness classes that encourage you to set intentions or have powerful workout playlists already! Start focusing on your workouts, and you'll be surprised just how deeply you fall in love with fitness.

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