The Law of the Farm: Plant the Seeds of Fitness NOW!

Jun 11, 2012

Submitted by Brian Kenney, General Manager @ O2 Fitness Wilmington

My grandpa was a farmer, when I was a kid we would go to his farm a lot. And something I learned while spending time on the farm is that there are natural laws that determine when you will plant, and when you harvest.

I am sure you all would agree that is pretty obvious right? I mean if I walked onto a farm today planted a seed and the next week went back looking for a harvest you might think I need to be locked up.

Instant Gratification from Fitness?

So then why is it so many people think when it comes to fitness and health that they can do the same thing, dismiss the natural process, cheat the system, take the short cut and still achieve their goals? In society today you can see this instant gratification mentality everywhere you look not just in fitness.

Take school for example, did you ever put off a test tell the last-minute and then try to cram the night before? That might even have worked in the short-term and you were able to regurgitate the information the next day and pass the test, but let me ask you this, did you actually learn the information? Six months later could you remember any of it?

Can you imagine trying to cram like that on the farm? Can you imagine not planting all season, taking the summer off, and then “hitting it hard in the fall” throwing extra seeds in at the last-minute? Pouring extra water on the ground and expecting to get a good harvest overnight?

That doesn’t work on the farm and it won’t work when it comes to your fitness. You can go for the quick fixes but in the long run they simply won’t work. You want lasting change, real results and lifetime change! People continually try this approach with fitness even though we all inherently know it’s doomed from the start. I mean come on can you really not work out all year, eat junk food and booze all summer and then “hit it hard” for 8 weeks hoping to turn it all around? When has this ever worked in the past?

Getting to the ROOT of the Problem

I think the root of the problem is we live in a quick fix, instant gratification society. We want results now! You want to get skinny? Take a pill. You want to feel good? Take a drug. Need a date? Get on Facebook and start talking to the opposite sex immediately. The list goes on and on.

The proper way to lose weight, get in great shape and stay in shape is found in the natural law of the farm. You can’t go to the gym and work out for a month and expect to undo years of neglect and inactivity in a month. You have to think of it like signing up and deciding to do something about your fitness is planting a seed now, making it to the gym 3-4 times a week is watering the plant, following a proper diet and nutrition is adding the sun and fertilizer into the equation.

Remember the most important rule of the farm, the harvest comes after months of work and sacrifice. But when it does come, and you see the fruits of your labor and all your hard work come to fruition….. it is always worth the wait I guarantee it!

Live with excitement and remember to treat your body like a temple not a tent : )

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