10 Ways To Keep Your Diet on Track

Jul 31, 2012

Written by: Brian Kenney, General Manager @ O2 Fitness Wilmington

jennifer-burk-118076-unsplashNobody likes to diet, but if you do not know how to hide or stop yourself from buying ice cream, you are forced to follow some extreme diet that no one can stick to. With just some daily attention and adjustments the overweight pounds will be lost before we even understand how we lost it.

10 Tips to Control Your Diet

  1. Breakfast - It’s the only meal that can be eaten without remorse. It’s the one meal that you can eat terrible because you’ll burn it off before it gets stored as fat. We do not mean something extreme, but a glass of milk with one or 2 slices of toast with jam or Peanut Butter, is what you need to start your day.
  2. Beware of "hidden" liquid calories - Its one thing to drink soda’s and another thing to drink juice! A regular soda averages 250-275 Cal per container and an orange juice only 90.
  3. Say NO to midnight snacks - Avoid snacking after dinner! The calories you will consume before bed will not "burn" while you sleep.
  4. Exercise helps - An hour of walking/jogging 3 times a week at O2 Fitness, group fitness classes or personal training is the best way to jump start any weight loss program.
  5. Eat more protein - Diet with high protein decreases appetite.
  6. Away from the refrigerator - The refrigerator raids, especially at night, show only greed!
  7. Choose to eat smaller portions - If you reduce your portions or "cut" the meal in half and eat half now and the remaining after two hours you will see the scale's indicator coming down significantly.
  8. Drink more water - 8-10 glasses of water a day, or else 2L is the recommended amount of water daily.
  9. Eat your own cooking - Every time you eat food you don't cook you make a step backwards to your goal of a shaped body.
  10. Put new ideas into your diet - For example, you can drink green tea that has many catechises and helps burn fat.

Follow the above easy tips and you will notice that your zippers will be closed more easily!

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